Taking the Plunge

I really wanted to sign up for Vineman 70.3 or Barb's Race this year. Both are 1/2 Ironmans taking place in the Fall. Smartly, my coach told me to wait. I just really want to get back.

Next I was thinking about the Cinco de Mayo 1/2 marathon in Irvine, but I'm not sure I'll but up to that one either. I know I'll be doing the Laguna Hills Memorial Half, because I have to. It was my first 1/2. I "ran" it this year while pregnant. I'm hoping to run it with the bean in 2010. They better allow strollers.

I haven't signed up for any of those.

So what plunge did I take? Surf City 5K, of course.

For the past 2 years, I've wanted to run the Surf City 1/2 on Superbowl Sunday. First it was an IT band issue that stopped my training. Then it was wanting to get the San Diego Race Series Triple Crown medal (which I didn't get because I decided not to run the America's Finest City 1/2 in August, you know, when I was about 20 weeks preggers and thinking it would be in the high 90s. Yes I know I walked a 1/2 marathon in Oct. Let's not dwell on the details.)

The big factors in signing up for this race?
1. I can walk a 5K now, in fact my mom and I did on Thanksgiving day.
2. I haven't seen anywhere on the site that strollers are prohibited.
3. I want to get a legacy medal for participating 3 years in a row.
4. I want to meet up with my running blog/twitter peeps!

So, barring any unforeseen circumstances, the bean and I will be showing up at this race. Maybe it will just be me. We'll see.


37 weeks

I realize I'm pregnant. I know that's how I'm supposed to look, but I think I look huge!

Hopefully the bean will come next week. However I still need to pack a bag for the hospital!



I know most of you have heard.

Yes, I'm pregnant, however it's been coming for a while and we hadn't realized it. Yes, I've asked him to move out. Yes, he's planning on being in the bean's life. Yes, this is the other major reason I haven't posted about anything. And no, there is no hope of reconciliation.

I probably the only first time mother who is looking forward to sleep deprivation because it means I won't be able to think.

Thanks for everyone who has been so supportive. You will never know how much that has meant to me over these last few months.

In other news, the bean is head down, in the high 5lbs and is cleared to come "early". In fact, the doc would like it if he came early.


Nike Women's (1/2) Marathon

I entered this lottery because everyone I've talked to who has done it told me how awesome it is. I didn't think I'd win a spot. I didn't think that I'd get pregnant so soon.

All I do know is once I got it I was set on doing it. Once I found out I was pregnant, it defined my identity as being an athlete.

The biggest obstacle I've had to overcome during these past 7 months was the limitations the pregnancy has put on me. I've heard it all: it's only temporary, it's so worth the sacrifice, you have the rest of your life to run/bike. I don't care. I didn't realize how much I depended on running as therapy, a reset, a stress reliever, until I didn't have it any more. I took this frustration and focused it on training for this 1/2 marathon.

Let me be the first to tell you that I didn't train more than 8 miles on any of my walks. Some serious crap went down (which I may share with you all at a later date) and I didn't stick to my plan. However, when the weekend of October 18th came around, I was ready to prove all my naysayers wrong. I didn't realize it would help me reclaim myself.

Race Day:Rosemarie and I in our hotel room, all Nike'd out

I did not treat this as a race at all. I woke up and got a chai latte from Starbucks of all things! I'm not Glenn. My race morning meal is NOT an apple fritter.
My Tri peeps and other friends before the race.
Everyone else was running.

We lined up in the wrong corral, but I was okay with it. We were with the 12-14 min/mile peeps. It was a big cluster, so I figured we'd be okay if we stuck to the side. When I found out I was pregnant and told people, I asked my mom to walk the race with me. Yes, she was a bandit. Little did I know my aunt would walk some of it with us.

Miles 1-10:
were great. Yes there were hills but I made my mom stop almost every mile to take a picture. I couldn't believe the views and the camaraderie of the walkers. I did stop before mile 2 for my first of 4 bathroom stops.

Me and the fireman that let me use the firehouse restroom.
It was clean and it flushed!

My mom was starting to take off a bit faster than I had planned. I had to reign her in, which is funny, since that is what I always do.
Me and mom at Pier 1

We spent the whole time talking about random stuff. It was fun. She went back and forth about wanting to walk the race again next year. She was all for in the first 5 miles, the hills made her change her mind, but I think she's back on board.

My aunt, me and my mom at mile 5.
There is ~ a 20 min difference between the clock time and our actual time.

The Golden Gate and me.

Miles 11-13.1
(or 12.99 if you trust nike+ thing down there):

Let me be the first to tell you, walkers are mentally strong. I will not compare myself, as a 1/2 marathon runner, to any of these 1/2 marathon walkers. We came up on 4 hours and I was done. I just wanted the race to be over. I wasn't really having fun anymore. Any of the give aways were gone before we got to them. But then we came upon some friendly walkers. They were still chatty, if not smiling. One pair even offered us licorice. We were bitching about our feet, the blisters that we knew we'd find at the end of the day. The fact that we swore they moved the mile markers. They were awesome.

My mom cut out right before the finish. I got my necklace, t-shirt (the wrong one which they want me to send back and are going to send me the right one), and food for us both. It was a pretty race and a good experience. I can't wait to run it, at least once.

I can't tell you how great it felt. To know that I could do it. To prove to everyone who said I was crazy, that I wasn't. That I still have some level of fitness, even if I don't have the same core strength or arm muscles, or even leg muscles really. That I'm still me somewhere in here.


13.1 miles in 4:36:44 ...

29 weeks pregnant. I did it!

I may have exaggerated the bump here...

Once I stepped up to the start corral, I knew I was going to finish this thing. I'll write a longer (probably longer than many of you all want to read) race report later in the week. I just wanted to let all my peeps in blogland know that I did survive. I did finish. My mom hung in for the whole time, even bowing out at the end as they were checking for bibs at the finish line. My aunt did a 10K+, after thinking she wasn't going to get out of bed until long after the sun rose.
My Aunt, me and my Mom
(The clock time was 20 min faster than our actual start time.)

I didn't I registered the tux wearing firefighters (although maybe I should have studied them more closely and gotten a picture with one like my friend Louise). I didn't even take a look at my finisher's shirt until I got back to my parents house! (I got a marathon one instead of a 1/2 marathon one, I'm going to see if I can change.) I just wanted to get back to my mom, who didn't get any of the glory, not even a picture at the finish line.
We may have finished faster if we didn't stop to take so many pictures! I'll post more of those later, too.


28 weeks later

Profiles are not my favorite pictures, mostly because they spotlight my big ass. However I realize the impact of the belly would be lost in a full on frontal pic.

So far, so good. Still no real physical issues. I have had mental ones galore. Being a big girl once, my preggo weight is slowly creeping back up to my heaviest weight. That alone plays mind games. I know I'm going to lose a chunk of it when the bean is born. I know that more of it will come off as everything reduces back to "normal" size. And I'm going to breast feed for all I'm worth because A) I'm cheap and B) I heard it's a great calorie burner oh and it might be good for the bean. I'm still swimming and doing some (read very little) indoor cycling, but can't wait to get back to running.

Next Sunday I'm going to attempt to walk the Nike Women's Half Marathon. Wish me luck. I can't say my training was anything other than sporadic. I can't tell you that I'm confident I'm going to finish the whole race. I can tell you I'll figure out a way to get that damn necklace!


I'm Alive!

Yeah, I know. It's been almost a month since the last time I've posted anything.

Good news: Baby is doing fine. In fact, it's a male child. I should have known with all the melons I was craving...

Bad news: I stopped running again. The shortness of breath was getting to me and I was walking more than I was running.

I just got a new bathing suit, so I should be heading to the pool in the next few days. I did miss swimming. I know, check the date. Record it for posterity. I'm not sure that I ever thought I'd say that.

Well, have a great run/bike/swim everyone!


Two in a Row!

I ran today, and Tuesday. So it wasn't really "in a row" as much as twice when I had scheduled runs. Also, I got up EARLY (well ~6am) to do it.

The real obstacle to my running hasn't been the pregnancy, although I was plagued with fatigue something awful in the first trimester. It's been the heat.

I've started to get hotter faster, which just so happens to correspond to the weather getting hotter, and hotter. I guess my decision to skip out on America's Finest City 1/2, and throw away my hopes for a Triple Crown, was a good one. I can't imagine trying to even walk 13.1 miles in August. Although, with my luck, this year it'll be super cold.

Anyway, I'm just excited to be a "runner" again. Hopefully I can keep this up until Oct, maybe even Dec? (I know, I know, I'm probably delusional)


OMG hot!

We met at 7am Sunday, and probably started the run by 7:30. I ran/walked 3 laps, ~4 miles. It's a pretty tough trail, at least for me. The first part is pretty hilly. I didn't get any negative splits, in fact, I think I did the laps in 15 then 16 minutes. About 1 mile. Seriously. And then it got hot.

I'm pretty impressed with myself for stopping when I felt like I was getting overheated. I wasn't sure that I was going to have the self control.

After the laps we had some trainers out and they gave us a quick (5 minute) work out. 15 squats, 5 spidermans (each side, foot to ear), 5 push ups, repeat for 5 minutes.

I'm feeling that today, but at least I have control over my legs.


Pretty Run

Sunday I ran 4 miles from Big Corona Del Mar to the north end of Crystal Cove and back. I use the term run very loosely. It's really more of a walk/run, and I keep saying that, so I'll stop now. I'm really happy that I can keep running.

I took off a bit before 9, and that was a bit too late for me. I think if I'd have left earlier, I would have been able to go longer. Because the sun broke through, as it often does, and it got hot fast. I'm also glad I decided to bring the second 1/2 of my breakfast (PB & J) with me to training. I was HUNGRY when I was done.

So along with the super sniffer, and the gagging, I'm adding almost constant hunger to my list of things no one ever tells you happens, during the first trimester at least, while you're pregnant. It could be because I'm more active than the women I know who have been pregnant, but it's definitely something I wish I was warned about!


Run and Reminisce

Wednesday I went for my first "run" in 3 weeks. I thought it was 4, but realized I did run a lot of the Laguna Hills 1/2, which was Memorial Day. I think I did okay. 3.4 miles in 45ish minutes, with walking and paying very close attention to my perceived exertion. My next "scheduled" run is Sunday at Crystal Cove. I might run a bit tomorrow, but I really need to get a swim in sometime this week.

Today I drove through Santiago Canyon on my way to meet a friend for lunch. I really wanted to be out there, if it was a bit more overcast. I didn't think I'd miss my bike so much. The spin classes aren't the same. I was spoiled by the bikes at Ciell, a new indoor cycling place in Ladera Ranch. If you're near there, I think they're still doing a "first class free" special. But I warn you, you'll be spoiled for all spin bikes.

Also, things no one tells you about being pregnant, increased gag reflex. It takes all my concentration to brush my teeth without tossing my cookies. Which there was a way to fix that.


Strong and Fast

No, it's not my last track workout, it's a heartbeat. And it's not my heartbeat, although mine is strong...

It's my baby's heartbeat.

Now the cat's out of the bag (or house and I know how hard it is to catch a cat that doesn't want to be caught.) Some of my faithful (unless you've given up on me) readers already knew.

So here's the real reason behind my 2:49:31 La Jolla finish. And my gallbladder attack, although that was probably going to happen sooner or later. And my 3 hour Laguna Hills 1/2, but I didn't really train for that one. I think the longest run I had after my gallbladder incident (leading up to the 3 hour race) was 5 miles.

I'm not completely blaming the bean for being slow. But (s)he is a great scapegoat. You'll all meet bean at the end of the year, or the beginning of next year. It was poor planning, getting preggers during the season, but it is Cali and there are races year round, so the complaining is over, for now.

So there will be less running, (more because of my tweaked knee earned during the 3 hour 1/2, then the pregnancy), and no bike riding (due to a mandate by my coach) but more swimming.

Maybe the first thing this bean will give me, other than a trip to the ER and a want to remove my gallbladder, is an appreciation for swimming.



This morning I went for an easy (very easy) 3 mile run. It.was.awesome! I'm excited. Although I'm slow and probably being overly cautious, I'm happy I can run again. Even if it's just 3 miles.

The other exciting thing? CAF was able to get my race packet for Iron Girl! They sent it to me, so now I have my bag, my CAF jersey, my Iron Girl shirt, even a CAF visor and race belt!

I didn't get one of those commemorative Aflac ducks, but I was just going to give it to my mom anyway, so that's cool. Also, I think we'll be getting them at the 5K in Del Mar next month.

I'm excited to try riding my bike tomorrow.



Yesterday was my first actual training session since the gallbladder debacle. It was even coach, and more importantly, Jeremy approved!

I didn't keep up with the people in my lane, but I wasn't trying to push myself too hard. I was trying to make the distances without pushing too hard. It felt great!

I may have to swim more if biking and running are a no go.

I was going to try a nice, easy 30 min run today, but the day has gotten away from me. I need to leave around 3pm to pick up my aunt for Tri la Vie's celebration party tonight. Yes I know, I didn't do the tri, but I'm going to celebrate with my peeps anyway.



12ish weeks of training for nothing. (I'm allowing myself this blog of pity and that's it.)

Wednesday morning I woke up ~3am with a horrid pain. I've had indigestion before and figured it was that or, when it didn't go away an hour after I started pounding liquids, food poisoning from a suspicious piece of string cheese.

At 11-11:30ish I decide to go to the doctor. I can't keep anything down. This is either a serious case of food poisoning that comes with a dull, constant pressure pain on the right side or it's something altogether different. I can't do anything but lay around and throw up. Awsm.

Doc refers me to a ultrasound stat! It's my gallbladder.

Stat = first available appointment at 3pm. Also, same day reading.

4:30ish I call the doc "can keep anything down. pain makes me want to die. what to do?"

He sent me to the ER, where I was seen by 6pm, 6:30 at the latest. (by the time we got there and checked in it was probably 5:15, 5:30.)

Got more blood taken, got drugs for the vomiting and pain, more ultrasounds.

Was told to take it easy. There looked to be no inflammation. I could stay at the hospital and get IV antibiotics or I could go home with the narcotics (basically Tylenol with codeine or something) and watch myself. I decided on the latter.

Jeremy reminded me why I married him yesterday. He was awesome, even guilting the pharmacist into staying a bit late to get my prescription.

So while my friends and team mates are in Vegas, running into the lake, taming the 3 Sisters and running through the desert, I'll probably be sleeping, then walking the dogs and maybe swimming, who knows.


Lost in Peak Week

(photo credit: Ashley Kyser)

So I'll admit it, I bit of more than I could chew this week.

For those of you who don't know, I'm quitting my job to go back to school. CAF inspired me about 6 months ago and my company put me in the right mindset to leave.

Being the good worker bee I am, I'm trying hard to tie up everything I can before I hand this off to anyone. I'm also trying to get ready for Iron Girl (my first stay-over race!) and that comes with it's own headaches. At least with running if you have your shoes and a sports bra, you're pretty much golden. Even if you forget them, you can usually go out and buy more, although I don't recommend running 13.1 miles in new shoes. But just pop in and pick up a bike? I know people do, rent them I mean, but still...

It started off slow, with a swim/run, then exploded into a 1.5 hour hill repeat, 45 minute hard run, 30 mile bike + 2 mile run and ended with a 7 mile run. I did miss a swim workout, which isn't the sport I should miss, really it's not. But with Jer's family coming into town, Friday night wasn't mine and now Monday night isn't mine either. I could be, if I'd cancel my spa appointment, but I'm not going to, so I accept it.
I also volunteered my aunt and myself to make our tri team shirts bigger. The style that was chosen ended up being discontinued, running small and not having an XXL pattern (this would be an XL in normal patterns) so my aunt spent most of her Saturday sewing on the panels of material I cut out and pinned on the sides of the shirts. Once they get printed, I'll post a pic. I also ripped out all the seams, but my aunt did most of the work.

Saturday night also was a surprise party for my friend Audrey. She was having a hard time coming to terms with the 3-0, I think it was good for her. It also helped me realize how far I've come in terms of weight loss. I'm pretty hot (and very tan) if I do say so myself!


Game Day: La Jolla 1/2 Marathon

Before I start, let me just post the elevation chart for this race:
No, your eyes do not deceive you. At 5.75 there is about a mile climb to 420 ft above sea level and we pretty much started at sea level.

I've been running hills in preparation for this race. Although I did know that the hills I was running were in no way comparable to the Torrey Pines entrance and I knew this was a hilly race and that I wasn't going into this for a PR. Apparently, as people have told me, you have your 1/2 marathon PR, then you have your La Jolla 1/2 marathon PR.

So the hills coupled with having a few bad asthma days leading up to this race led me to set my goal at finishing in under 3 hours. Mission accomplished as I finished in 2:49 and some change.

I won't lie, there was a lot of walking. Those bad asthma days made me cautious. I decided to keep my HR under 160 (I did get up to 185 once and 170ish more than once) in an effort to keep the lung work down. I also didn't want to burn my legs up 2 weeks before my first, probably only, Olympic Distance Tri of the season. Oh, and I have the Laguna Hills 1/2 Memorial Day weekend. That will be a breeze compared to La Jolla.

I started off the run with Denise, but broke up with her about mile 2ish, so I could keep my low effort plan in effect. One thing I didn't count on was how fast my HR rises. I think I was running 3 minutes, walking 1+, not counting the hills.

The best thing about this race is the views. You don't get to run alone the ocean for 13.1 miles, but maybe it's for4. The run through Torrey Pines is almost worth the climb, almost because it's too short, then you're into the commercial buildings. I can remember at least 3 times when I thought, this is why I live in California. I don't like hanging out at the beach. Everyone knows I get tan walking outside for 5 minutes slathered in sunscreen, so there's no need for laying out, but I do very much appreciate the cost and knowing I live on (or very close to) an ocean.

I couldn't believe that last small 1/2 mile climb at the end. I was done. I'm pretty sure I ran my shoes passed dead and my right knee and both hips are paying for it. Oh and did I mention the below the knee (I'm pretty sure it was below the knee) amputee chick that passed me about mile 10 and never looked back? Yeah, peeps who thought I was kidding about the challenged athletes kicking my ass, now you know.

The one thing I disliked about this race was the shuttle back to the start. It's a point to point and the shuttles kept getting stuck in traffic. They were supposed to be in a 15 minute rotation, and they may have averaged this, but it was more like 1 shuttle, then 40 minutes, then 3 shuttles. I'm sure some of the soreness I'm experiencing is because of this and the fact that I didn't realize they had gear check. It was more than an hour after the race when I got my Recoverite into me and I only sort of stretched afterwards, because I was always thinking the shuttle was right around the corner.

I think I might do this one again next year. I *would* think about parking a car in La Jolla and getting a hotel room with some peeps like Denise did. (Well, they got a hotel room near the start, I'm not sure they planted a car at the end).


Today's High...

104. At the time I would normally run, 100.

Yesterday's run in 92 degree weather was a better idea. Notice I didn't say good.

That is all


Heat + Sore/Heavy Legs + Hills = Running Fail

This morning, instead of going for my "long" 5 mile run (1/2 marathon next Sunday) or racing the Newport Beach Tri myself, I went to cheer on my Tri Sisters from Tri la Vie. (It's basically the same group of women who were in TriDivas for anyone who follows).

Let me say, I do like being a spectator for Sprint Triathlons. I love being a spectator for the athletes. I don't know if the random people telling me that I look strong, I have sexy legs (Carlsbad 1/2, they were telling everyone), only a few more miles (which I never tell people unless I know EXACTLY how many more miles are left) know how they pick me up and make me want to run or bike (I never quite here anything but yelling during the swim.)

There is one Sis that I'm especially proud of. After having a freak out, hyperventilating moment at the lake (and apparently during the first part of the swim) she powered through, got out of Back Bay and finished her race.

Due to all this cheering, I have a very hoarse voice and I didn't go running until about 1pm. It was about 87 degrees. I decided to run Santiago Canyon, thinking I could refill my bottles from my original hydration belt, at Cook's corner if I needed to. I needed.

In reality it was a run walk. I'm not very proud of my 13 min pace, but I know it's the best I could hope for given hills, the heat and no shade. I actually ran across the road to run in the shade on the way back.

The only reason I even went out at 1pm, was because I didn't want to wait until 8pm and Monday is supposed to be even hotter! I guess it was a good test drive for Iron Girl. Vegas may be that hot at 10 am on May 9th, when I get out on the run course. (First wave starts at 6:30. The waves aren't up yet, but I'm guessing I'm at least wave 3 or 4 with at least 10 minutes between waves, which puts my start about 7-7:10 IF they start on time.)

My biggest fear is overheating. I sweat so much as it is, how much more cooling power does my body have? They will have sponges every aid station on the run. I plan on using those to their fullest potential.

In summary, I suck at running in the heat and I'm already worried about Iron Girl. That is all.


Stud or Crazy

I went to a free Boot Camp workout this morning at the Spectrum, then decided to ride 2.5 hours, Santiago Canyon, a hill repeat (so I guess it's just a hill if there wasn't any repeating) then back to the house and a cool down around the neighborhood.

Am I a Stud or just Crazy. You decide.

I'm supposed to run 5 or 10 miles tomorrow. We'll see how that goes...

The Boot Camp was lots of work, but tons of fun and might be the strength training that I've been looking for. It does meet at 5:30 in the morning, which is a turn off.

Santiago Canyon was beautiful and I had a great time. Yes, people, mark this date down on your calendars. Yasmin actually enjoyed of her bike ride. The weather was great. Sunny, a bit hot, but comfortable. I made it from my house to Chapman in under an hour. The trip back took longer, but it always does. There is more uphill that way. At least that's what I'm telling myself.


Annoyed and Disappointed

Annoyed - I didn't have cash to park at a local Junior College and I didn't want to risk the machines not taking credit cards. I didn't want to waste that time. Little did I know I would be wasting more time.

Disappointed - Woodbridge HS had track practice. RSM Intermediate was finishing up track practice AND had already locked their bathrooms. I'm all for using my car as a changing room, but even I have limits. And getting naked in front of middle schoolers isn't only past my limit, but possibility an arrestable offense.

I ended up at home, running my mile repeats in my neighborhood. I did get to stop by the store and pick up groceries for dinner before I got all stinky, so that's a win, but I didn't get to start my workout until after 5, which was a bummer.

Annoyed - I need to remember that mile repeats should push your running ability, but not kill you. As in, if I run a 10 min pace for a 5K, I probably can't hold an 8:45 min/mile. The under 9 min pace killed me. I could barely hold it for a quarter mile. I don't think quarter mile sprints are going to increase my endurance or mile time...

Annoyed - Got out of work late, headed to the Post Office, not thinking that it would be crazy. It's not like Christmas time, people just need to drop off their taxes, but no, it was crazy. So I nixed it, when to Whole Foods to pick up cupcakes for a birthday celebration, then headed to check out hydration belts. I came home with a hydration belt, that I'm thinking about returning, and new shoes, which I wore today for my run.

Disappointed - Rushed back home from the running store, threw on my swim suit, grabbed my wetsuit, trislide, and headed over to the lake. Jumped into my wetsuit and got into the water, but it was too late. I was pulled out, due to sunset, about 5 minutes before the end of my hour. The lifeguards had been whistling at me and I hadn't noticed. It was kind of ironic that the person that might get our group kicked out of the kick ass venue was actually a person who pays the lake association fee. Nice huh.

I now love swimming in my wetsuit. The full body girdle look is nothing compared to how fast I feel in the water.


Down and Out and Fuel Belts

Well, out anyway. And not that kind of out, I mean out of blogland.

I haven't been keeping up with this lately, and I even had a really good post in my head about my run on Friday. A PSA, if you will, and I'll get to that in a bit.
Much has been going in lately, training and otherwise.

Thursday I found out that it wasn't just the bike, I'm actually getting stronger on it. Yay me. The Cannondale does make things a bit easier, though.

Friday see below. I did get rained on a bit, but only for 10-15 minutes. It was a nice overcast run.

Saturday swam. Didn't get as good of times as I think I should have and my left shoulder is starting to hurt. I'm not sure if that's the same shoulder that hurt last year or not, I'll have to post chase myself to find out.

Sunday I went on a hike/walk at Crystal Cove. I didn't realize I had basically done the whole thing before during the Pac Coast Tri, but I didn't have time to enjoy it like I did on Sunday. It was a beautiful day. I went with my friend Anissa and we saw tons of birds and a bunny!

If the longest run you did the week before was 5 miles, and it was your only run that week, don't try to pull out a 10 mile (or really a 9.5 mile) hilly run as your first (and only) run of this week.

It isn't pretty and your thighs (both hamstrings and quads) will scream at you later.

Also, I'm looking for suggestions on fuel belts. I have an Amphipod runlite 4 (meaning it comes with 4 bottles) but one of my holders, maybe more, doesn't keep the bottles well. They pop/slip out.

I finally broke one of the bottles when it fell out 4 weeks ago and on Friday's run I lost a bottle that didn't snap in completely. I can pay 10 bucks for 2 new bottles or buy a new belt. I've looked at more of Amphipod's belts and found a full tilt that carries 40 oz in 2 bottles plus more storage than my current belt has.
The other one I found was their profile lite 32. Carries 32 oz water, storage much like what I already have.

These pictures were taken from Amphipod's website, in case anyone wants to know.

Suggestions? Keep in mind that I push all of the bottles on my current belt to the back. I hate hitting them with my arms when I run. Anybody?
If I decide to get a new belt, I'll have an old one for sale/trade/free...


Pros and Cons

Yesterday was my first open water swim since Subaru. As some of you know, I've gained a bit of weight since then and was mortified (MORTIFIED) that my wetsuit wouldn't zip up and I'd have to buy a new one. I didn't so much care that my fellow triathletes would see that I couldn't zip up, it was more the fact that I'd have to put out $300 for a new one.

But it fit (pro #1). I got in the water for the beginning of at least 16 laps at the lake (I lost count) and guess what, I could breathe! (pro #2). Not only that, but I could focus on my form and siting (pros #3 and #4). Only 2 cons really, my goggles fogging up 1/2 way through my hour swim and my arms got tired faster. I'm not sure why.

So the work out I've been dreading, really dreading because swimming isn't my favorite and being in a whole body girdle usually makes it less so, was actually pretty fun. I didn't panic. I didn't flounder. I actually felt fast. My shoulder didn't hurt. All in all, it was a win!


Solo Santiago

Today I had 103 minutes of riding solo. I decided to try my mom's Cannondale. She sent it down a few weeks ago and I haven't had the balls to try it out yet.

I was supposed to ride with Laura, Rosemarie and Yen, but one by one they RSVP'd with regrets. I figured with volunteering at Oceanside 70.3 and the Vegas trip coming up this weekend,I needed to take a chance and do as much of a 2 hour ride as I could. It ended up being just under an hour and 45 minutes.

I don't know if it was the bike or me, but the ride felt much easier today. The ~23 miles flew by. None of the "trouble" spots of my rides past appeared. I didn't even feel tired!

I am going to have to get this bike fit for me before I decide to switch from my Trek and use the Cannondale. All I did was lower the bike seat for this ride, but I think the handle bars need to be raised and I'll have to change out the saddle and pedals for it to be comfortable. For a 25 mile ride, it'll be worth it.



Saturday's 8 mile run + Sunday's 24 mile bike ride + Tonight's 1800 yard= one exhausted chick.

That chick is me. AND I've signed up to ride part of Santiago Canyon tomorrow. Seriously? What's wrong with me? I'm not mentally exhausted, which makes me very happy. When mental exhaustion sets in, it's all downhill and very hard to recover. That's what leads to slugging it out with BOD and fighting for every second of the 4 hours and 56 seconds.

There are many things I was happy about this week, training wise.

Swam 1500 in 40 minutes.
Swam 500 in 12 minutes 25 seconds.
Ran the trail around my development, including hills, twice.
Found people who ride about the same speed as I do. I now have riding partners.

One thing I regret about this weekend?
Not being prepared to the heat for my 10 (cut to 8) mile run. No Nuun, no Margarita with Salt shot bloks. No extra salt. Didn't bring enough water, although I could have stopped to refill. Also, eating Mexican food 1.5 hours before a run. That wasn't a good idea AT.ALL.


When Was the Last Time You Did Something for the First Time?

Let's see. We're going to stick to athletic firsts. You don't need to know the first time I got drunk or any other first really...

7/28/2007 - first 5K - Iron Girl Solana Beach 5K
5/26/08 - first 1/2 marathon - Laguna Hills Memorial 1/2
6/18/08 - first (super) sprint tri - Danskin Sprint Triathlon
10/5/08 - first Olympic tri - Bonelli Olympic Distance
3/26/09 - first time I ran the whole path around my housing development, including the hills.

Yes, I'm uber excited. It's not a race. It's not 20 miles. It's not even the first time I completed Santiago Canyon, but it is something I never thought I'd do. And I ran it. Twice.

I was supposed to do a track work out today, after I got my haircut. However the dead garmin disease infiltrated my watch and my brain as I forgot to bring the charger to work. Further more, I've been struck with don't pack a back up watch virus, so I had nothing to make the track workout worthwhile. I decided to run the trail around my development and use the hills as my challenge fastest mile work. I figured I'd run them as hard and as long as I could, and take a walk break.

I didn't even realize I was almost done with the first hill path segment until I saw the ramp going back up to street level. I then had a goal. I'd try and run the whole thing, once. I could walk a little on my second lap. I didn't walk. Although I did get to the end of the trail and turn around, so I wouldn't be running the hills, for a second time, at the very end of my run.

This made the little over 3 mile run enjoyable. I'd rather be out there for 5, but over training leads to non-racing, so I pull back. I'm going to run these hills into the ground!



Today was going to be a spin class followed by an easy 15 minute run. It turned into a 15 minute ride, waiting at Lake Mission Viejo trying to figure out what to do about a lake list when the lady who's supposed to do it for you goes home early, then getting lost in Rancho Santa Margarita looking for a way to cross the street when you're too chicken to just turn left with the cars.

Because of all the waiting and getting lost, my 1 hour ride turned into about 75 minutes, which left me no time to run before figuring out what was for dinner and running to the store to get some sort of vegetable to go with said dinner.

There is no rest for those in training...


Beating Erin

Erin used to train with us, then she moved back to Colorado. She's in my age group and she's fast. I won't be able to beat her. But I use her as motivation.

Today we were supposed to ride Santiago. I was kinda looking forward to it, until the weather called for rain and wind. It was cold! So we had a spin class, courtesy of Martha instead. As stated before, her classes kick my ass. She was asking us what mantra kept us going in the middle of the race, with the course stretching in front of us and no one to see if we gave up. (This was while we were hovering over our seats, climbing a hill)

"I want to win!" No. I probably won't podium until I'm in my 70s and have outlasted the competition.

"I want to finish!" No. Regardless of what I think in the middle of Santiago or a race, I will always finish.

"I want to beat Erin!" Yes, yes, yes! That's something I can get behind. A tangible, if unreachable, goal.

Realistically the pohrase that repeats in my head in the middle of the bike, or Santiago Canyon, is by My Chemical Romance. "Have you heard the news that you're dead!" I wonder if my legs are trying to tell me something.

I did finish all my training this week. I actually woke up, and got out of bed, at 4:30 on Friday morning and did a 1 hour (*cough* 50 min *cough*) swim. I was slower to 1500 than I was last week, but I also forgot to eat breakfast, so I'm blaming that.

Thursday, after much ado, I found Tesoro High School. The track there is beautiful and they didn't kick me out when the Girl's Lacrosse game started. Cons, it's only open when the high school is using it. I started to have fat girl high school flashbacks, but I got over myself. Why fret over things that I can't change?

Saturday was my not great 7 miles. I wasn't feeling like running when I got up. I "packed" for 10, but wanted to call it quits after an hour. It was misting, I was cold, blah, blah, blah. Either way I'd have to run back up hill to get home, so stopping at 5 wouldn't get me anything. What was I going to do? Call my husband to pick me up? Embarassing! So I finished strong. When I hit 5 miles my high kicked in and I almost pushed it to 8, in my head. Once I got to 7, my legs said stop.

Also, I got in! I will be at the Nike Women's 1/2 this year. Woot!


Why Timing Matters

Yesterday was a spin class with the tri group. This always kicks my ass because Martha can tell when I'm not giving it my all AND I want to keep up with these chicks more than anyone in any other spin class.

I know I've kind of mentioned stuff about eating and timings before but here's where the rubber meets the road. One of the big rules is over an hour before your workout, eat a balanced meal with carbs and protein, under an hour eat carbs only. I should have listened.

I was on the border. At about 5:15 I walked into Bristol Farms and ordered a Buffalo Chicken Panini (blue cheese was too strong and there was no Buffalo) and some fruit salad. I didn't get to eat said Panini or fruit salad until 5:30 or later.

Got to the gym and got ready for class. We were meeting at 6:30 and didn't get into the room and get started until closer to 7, but it was close enough. Within the first 15 minutes I felt like I was going to puke and it didn't go away until I was at home, in the shower, after 9pm.

Moral of the story? Pay attention to timing and what you eat. I will never have blue cheese, or another strong cheese, before a strenuous high HR workout. I'll stick to milder cheeses, or nix dairy all together and go for meat or bean based protein, if there is time. If not, I'll just shoot a gel and eat after.



I know I haven't been here lately. I figured I'd take some time off and focus on me.

Well, really I've taken time off to read smut and brain candy instead of write in my training log. Everyone has vices...

This week and a half has gone tons better since I decided to embrace my training and get what I get. It's not like I don't fight for improvement, I just don't dwell on not doing as well as I've hoped or thought I would.

It's kinda the whole "I get what I get and I don't get upset" rule. I do my best, I get the time I get and I move on. I work the plan, I give what I have and I accept that there are times when I'm running into gale force winds and I won't have a PR breaking 1/2 marathon, especially when I only had 10 miles on tap that day.

I've run 10 miles (ran the OC tri run course from my house, can you say hills), I've swam 1500 yards, I've biked ~20 miles, I'm happy with what I can do.

I promise I'll be more regular after this.


Easy Peter's Canyon Run

Happy Day Light Savings Time!

That's pretty much the only good thing I can say about this training. I've decided to make this post short and then put it behind me. Monday starts a new week and I'll change my mindset.

I did discover one thing about myself. I can run 10 miles on Saturday, then ride 20+ miles on Sunday, but I can't really ride a hilly 25+ miles on Saturday then run a not really flat or hilly 6 mile run on Sunday.

I was a bit on the cold side, for southern California and my legs felt pretty heavy. The run was difficult and there was more than the prescribed 1 min recovery walking for every 1 mile run and 30 second sprint.

I'm going to be working on intervals/speed work. I want to be fast. Really I do.


Santiago Canyon

If I told you the last time I rode any significant miles was in December and that was 20 miles at Pendleton, meaning relatively flat, and that I have been attending a spin class once a week for about 2 months, so I thought I could ride 25+ very hilly miles. What would you say?

Probably, Yas, what are you smoking? Why don't you go do some nice hill repeats?

But I wouldn't listen. I'd go out and do it anyway.

I was a bit rusty. It took me longer to get to dump hill than I remember. I need to lap myself at landmarks, like Mojeska and Silverado and dump hill, just to track my time.

I did stop twice, but I only needed to stop once. The second time was to open a pack of shot bloks. I should have opened it when I stopped to rest.

All in all, it was a good day for a ride. I was the last one in, but that's nothing new.


What's Wrong with Me

I went in search of a track. I may have found one at Santiago Canyon College, but I didn't really want to spend time investigating and lose valuable daylight. See, I had tried to find a high school I could run at, but, apparently, to be legal in SVUSD you have to turn in a facilities request and wait for them to approve it. Then you get a pass or a badge or something. Basically they want to make sure you have insurance and that you won't sue them if you get hurt or something happens to you on their track. I told her I'd sneak in carrying my insurance card and a note to that effect. She told me that she would do the same thing, sans insurance card and note, but that she never said that. I'll have to investigate going rogue to get into a high school track.

On to the run I did do. It sucked. I've run around the lake countless times. I ran 9 miles last Saturday and there were hills on that run. I'm not sure why I struggled to get this 3.2 behind me.

Full disclosure, I haven't been taking my daily steroid inhaler or my allergy pills and the weather has been a bit polar, rainy and cold to sunny and hot overnight. That's when the molds tend to come out, and the one thing I'm most allergic to is molds.

So I'm back to taking my pills and puffs of inhaler every morning. I hope it helps. I have a 1/2 marathon in April!



Every Tuesday I go to a spin class at the LA Fitness near my work. I love the time, I love the teacher because she loves hills. She loves hills, she love intervals on hills, she would probably marry hills if California was a polygamist state where you could make a commitment to an inanimate object. I also love the fact that she starts on time. It's pretty much the only spin class I've been to at LA Fitness that starts on time. I usually go to another gym, so maybe it's just them.

The past 3 weeks I've only gotten 45 minutes in the class because of the sports nutrition class that I was attending.

A couple of things I need to figure out.
1) In a seated climb I can be at x resistance and it kicks my butt, then we stand up (which I never do on the bike) and I need to bump up the resistance, some times by 1/2-3/4 of a knob turn because I'm bouncing all over the place. How do I get myself stronger whilst sitting? Should I just sit through the whole climb and try to build muscles that way?

2) How to adjust my bike. I have the seat and handle bar heights figured out, for the most part, but it's the seat position that kills me. However, my hips didn't hurt after this class like they did after the bike on Sunday. I'm thinking that hip pain may have been residual pain from my Saturday run.

3) Get over myself. I really wish I knew how to get over the mental blocks I get on the bike. I can do it on the run by simply ignoring myself. It's not so simple, but I've figured out how to do it. Also, I can stop and walk fairly easily if I have to start yelling at myself in my head.

I did have one victory yesterday. We did a cadence hill, where you keep the same cadence/rhythm and increase the tension/make the pedaling harder. I was able to do it, pretty much the whole time. I've never been able to do that before. I usually give in to the pain and the voice in my head that says it's too hard.

I guess there is hope for me yet.


Back Bay and Hill Repeats

Wow is all I have to say. Wow.

Sunday was a Back Bay trail warm up with hill repeats up San Joaquin street. I was scared shitless when I passed by it the first time. I thought the hill went up forever!

After my first trip up the hill, well, my second as I crapped out on my first, I found out it wasn't long, just steep. I traveled up that hill 3.5 more times, yes I did mentally crap out on another trip up the hill. My thighs were burning. I couldn't get out of my seat after the first complete trip up. Each time my heart rate topped out at 180-183. I don't remember ever getting that high on the bike, although I'll have to check my Garmin software to verify.

After that was my favorite part, breakfast! Some fellow athletes and I met at an omelet house in Costa Mesa. mmm... eggs and avocado.


9 miles and Lesson One

Today I planned to run 10 miles and put my sports nutrition seminar knowledge to work. It only 40% worked.

See, I was supposed to eat a meal 2 hours before I ran. Something more than oatmeal. In fact, it's more like oatmeal, a banana and maybe 1/2 an english muffin. That's a lot of food to me. Well, I woke up at 6 am and I wanted to start my run by 7. Yup, bad planning. Maybe I should have woke up at 5am, or 4:30, ate and gone back to bed. Don't laugh, I learned at the sports nutrition seminar that people do it.

I got up around 6:20 gathered everything up, fed the dogs and left, Mocha Clif Shot in hand. A far cry from oatmeal, a banana and 1/2 an english muffin. Lesson One, Try One = FAIL.

I ran the Oso Trail. The part I ran for my time trial is 1.2 miles. It's about 1/2 blacktop and 1/2 packed earth covered in mulch/bark. The mulch/bark part is a bitch, the blacktop is all flat. I have never been able to run the whole mulch/bark part. Today was no exception.

The plan was to run 3 laps, go back to the car, pick up my fuel belt, do 2 more laps and then go in search of my remaining 4 miles. The best laid plans.

After the first lap I needed to use the bathroom. (Note to people who live in my area, the Ralph's is closer than the Senior Center and their bathroom was decently clean.) I stopped my lap watch, I did have 2 watches, ran to Ralph's and the continued on with the plan. After lap 3 I ran back to the car and decided to abandon the trail and find 5 miles elsewhere. Found 4.

I ran back up the black top and out onto a packed earth and rock covered trail. That got me about 2 miles. I then decided to run the trail backwards. With the exception of one very steep hill, it was easier that way. About a tenth of a mile out from the car, I hit 9 miles. I decided to call it. I did miss my run on Thursday and 9 miles was probably pushing my one run a week range.


One of Those Days

That's what yesterday was. I got up, got dressed and packed a bag to run after work. After my chiro appointment, I realized I was tired. Feeling run down. Again.

So I skipped my run. I walked the dogs instead. They got a kick out of it and I get a kick out of them. Sometimes I wish I was a dog. Well, a dog with a family to love me. Food, treats, sleep, people to play with me. All I'd have to fear are bigger dogs, baths and the time when my people are away. Maybe they'd get me a friend. But I digress.

Today I swam. I wanted to run or bike, but only because I didn't want to swim. I'm not sure what about it I don't like, except that I don't know how to get faster. I can't really judge my speed through the water. There isn't wind in my hair or scenery streaking, more like meandering, by to help me out.

I arrived at the gym and checked out the pool as I passed by. It was empty, no one in either of the 3 lanes. Score! I get into the locker room and change next to a chick who looks like she's sporting a bathing suit. She probably thought I was checking her out, but really I was hoping that I could get into my suit fast so I can claim a lane.

I get into the pool and there is someone in the middle lane. That's fine, I pick a side one. I do one lap and now the pool is full. I see a guy with googles waiting in the hot tub with goggles and watching the pool like a hawk. I do the unthinkable. I tell him he can share my lane and he does. Chalk one up to my mom and those manners she didn't think I learned.

He did share my lane for a while, then moved to the middle when it became open. Then the aquaciser jumped in. She held on to the wall and kicked. Into my half of the lane. For about 6-8 of my laps. It wasn't until I saw her doing squats and running pretty much in place, did I realize she wasn't going to swim. The rhinestone plastic clippy thing keeping her hair up should have tipped me off.

All in all it was a nice 40 minute workout. I still don't understand how to get faster in the swim. I'm doing pyramids, but I tend to not go all out in the long segments. That's probably why I'm not faster. I think I have a(n irrational) fear of triggering an asthma attack under water. It's not like I'm scuba diving. Now that I know what is holding me back, I'll have to work on it. Because you know what they say:


Where I Was

For you people who aren't cool enough to be on Facebook, here's the whole reason I went to the other side of the country and braved the cold weather:

She's an awesomely great baby, although I didn't see her when she wouldn't sleep and I didn't have to get up to feed her in the middle of the night, but still. She is awesome.

I did manage to get a few runs along the Hudson. I ran past:

NYC Skyline as seen from Jersey City

A defunct pier location (there's a high rise behind me)

Jersey City Sun Dial by the Hyatt

Lady Liberty

It was cold. I ran with snow. Not in snow, with snow. I took pictures to prove it.

These pictures were taken on my first run. There was a heat wave. It got into the high 40s! By the end of the week, the snow was gone. I never even got to use my last minute buy tights!


I'm Still Alive

I know I've been absent and you all are wondering where your favorite Yasmin has gone.

She left the west coast for the east coast! I've been to Philly and Jersey City. Philly to meet up with some of my favorite invisipeeps and Jersey City to meet my new niece (and my brother and sister-in-law).

I did have time to fit in three 6 mile runs along the Hudson. Alas, no planes made a safe emergency landing while I was running, but I did make the acquaintance of a few construction workers and people walking dogs.

I'll post pictures when I get back home. See you all soon!

The cake is not a lie. (It was a carrot cake cupcake to be exact)



Today I came home to a mysterious package on my porch. The only package I was planning on getting was from Barnes and Noble and that's not supposed to come until Friday.

I ripped it open and it was my shoes! My new Hurricanes that I found on the net! (how did we find the cheapest prices or retired shoes before the internet?) I opened the box and compared them to my older "new" shoes, to make sure I got the same model and guess what I saw?

Seriously, people, I just bought these shoe. In January. Not even a month ago (it was the 10th or something). I have an appointment with my chiropractor tomorrow and I'll ask him about it. I'm going to ask my orthotics maker, too. These shoe might have 100 miles on them, might. I'm guessing it's closer to 50.

At this rate, I'll be buying shoes every 250-300 miles. I thought I should be able to get about 500 out of them...

Any suggestions or comments? Is this normal? Do I need to investigate different shoes or just lose 30 lbs?


Game Day: Surf City 5K

AKA my race with Viv and Pokey AKA (maybe) My last 5k

When I signed up for this race, I was hoping for a PR. It's flat. Not flat like the Carlsbad 5000 says it's flat. It's completely flat. However there were extenuating circumstances.

1) I was recovering from a cold or the flu, whichever one gives you all over body aches. It was awesome.

2) I spent a good part of Saturday traipsing down the coast with Viv and Pokey.

3) Even leaving 5:30 from my house and getting to the Beach Blvd exit at 6:05, I didn't make it to meet Viv, Pokey and Misty until 7am.

Okay, that last one isn't an extenuating circumstance, but I couldn't believe it, nonetheless.

I ended up paying way too much for parking, but it was next to the start line for the 1/2 marathon (about 1/2 a mile south of the start line for the 5K) and I was able to start the race on time. I called it a tie.

I enjoyed the sights this year. It's amazing what you notice when it isn't pouring and you're not frozen. The navy was back, singing/chanting up a storm. There were tons of spectators and volunteers. I talked Viv and Pokey's ears off. I saw Brianna and Robin walking the 5K. I didn't even know they were doing it!

We finished the race, most of us smiling. Then went to watch the 1/2 marathoners.

This was great. I saw Jill, Jillian, and Stacey from the TriDivas. Misty cruised by on her way to her PR. I missed Dina, probably due to my need to pee after the race.

All in all it was a great weekend. I had tons of fun with the out-of-towners. We drove down the coast and just hung out at some beaches. They waited for me when I was stuck in the traffic jam from hell (who knew that all 18000 people would show up?)

We're doing the 1/2 next year.


Game Day: Carlsbad 1/2 Marathon

AKA Run until you can't.

This was my A race. My first race as a 30 year old. And it was AWESOME, although I felt like I was going to puke most of the time. More on that later.

I went down to Carlsbad on Friday afternoon to pick up my packet and cruise the expo, because paying the race entry fee isn't enough. After I visited the expo, both Friday and Sunday, I came away with 2 shirts, a tank and another running skirt.

It only took an hour to get to Carlsbad race day morning, well, it should have. The El Camino Real exit off the freeway was backed up something fierce. I couldn't merge over, so I sped to the next exit and came back around. Once I successfully exited the freeway, I got gas. I figured I'm an hour early, I have plenty of time! Got gas, and was exiting the parking lot when I noticed runner-like people getting out of cars. Um, this isn't the mall parking lot, where they told us to park, but I think it'll be easier to exit. Nope, didn't listen to my inner voice, I parked in the mall parking lot. Far away from any exits. This would come back to bite me.

I got ready at the car. Loaded myself up with GUs, my inhalor, my ICE ID (an old license with a not so current address but my husbands cell number on it in sharpe) and took my empty water bottle, my recoverite, and my body glide (all in a ziplock bag) to gear check. Made a bee line to the port a potties and boy were there potties. I should have brought my camera for this. There had to be 50+, probably closer to 100 port a potties. I guess with 8,000 people in the 1/2 alone (this is how many they said signed up, who knows how many showed up) they needed that many johns.

I made my way to the staging area, from here on out will be called the "pen" for my wave (wave 5) which was also AKA Alice's wave and the wave for people with 2:30 estimated finishing times, I think. I stood in my pen, searching for Alice in her bright green top, people watching, and generally trying to keep myself entertained for the 15 minutes before the race started.

The race started on time (seriously it did) at 7:30. They told us that they would call our wave when they were ready for us and that our pen would travel to the start line as a group. It was about 7:40 by the time my pen had made it up to the start line. Then we were off!

As always the first 2 miles are the hardest, only this time I had my eye on the 2:30 pace team. Around mile 2 I passed them, and never looked back. Well, I did look back a few times, just to make sure they weren't near me. My goals for every race is to A) finish, B) beat my time for the course last year and C) beat my time for the distance. For this race A and B were a given, I would finish 13.1 miles, the weather was wonderful and the race was well supported. But once I pasted the 2:30 pace team, I could taste C and I would do everything in my power to hold on to it.

Around mile 3, or a bit after, I saw the donate life peeps. Here was my biggest challenge of the race. I started to tear up and then almost gave myself an asthma attack while I was trying not to cry. See there is a little boy I know who got a donated heart. Anytime I think of organ donation, I think of him. It made me remember all the people who can't do what I was doing right then, not because they didn't want to, but because it might kill them. Kinda puts my blisters into perspective, huh?

I was having a short malfunction and my chub rub had kicked in with all it's might. I had coated myself with body glide, but it's magical powers had worn off. Around mile 5 there were volunteers with Vaseline on a stick! They were my saviors. It was around these miles 4-6 that I could feel the salt spray from the ocean on my face. It was a beautiful race.

Finally I got about mile 6, 6.2. This was the big climb for the race. After this was the turn around and we were heading back to the finish. As I'm huffing and puffing up this hill I hear a "don't I know you?" I turn around and it's fellow diva Nora! She's the first person that I know that I've seen all day. I give her a hug, yell back something about finishing before 2:30 and kept chugging up the hill.

And then it was done. I don't remember anything jumping out at me on the back 6.5. Only that I made myself run to the 10 mile mark and then I started a bit of run/walking. I shouldn't have stopped running, but for some reason the mental block was there. I also felt like puking pretty much the entire race. I'm hoping it was because I was pushing myself, not because of my nutrition.

The course was beautiful, but what was even better were the spectators and volunteers. The water stations were very well manned. The spectators were plentiful and cheered for everyone. There was even a chick with a sign that said something like "you rock, (insert name here)". A lot of "nice legs" or Keep Running signs. Pretty much the people all lining the street about a 1/4 mile out from the finish line were what kept me running that whole time. Couldn't let my fans down, you know.

And then it was done and I saw my watch time 2:25:11 (official time was 2:25:08). I was stumbling around excitedly. I picked up my medal, water, my food bag and proceeded into the pushing contest that was entrance to the expo. This is where gear check, and therefore my recoverite, was.

I was drinking my recoverite and wandering around hoping to just run into people. At this point I'm bummed because I'm pretty sure I missed Nora crossing the finish line, due to the cluster near the entrance. I know I'd missed Denise (the 52 year old that smoked me with a 2:09 time) and was hoping upon hope that Alice would pick me out of the crowd because I really wanted to meet here. (I think this was the second race we'd both attended. I'm pretty sure she was at Iron Girl 5/10K last year.)

So I made my way back to my car and let me tell you how awesome the parking lot back up was. I got to my car, stretched a little, got everything ready (food and water within reach) for the drive home and then I waited and waited and waited to turn left just to get in the line of cars waiting to leave the parking lot.

This turned out to be lucky because, after ~10 minutes of waiting to turn left who do I think I see? Alice! And me being me I yell out because, hell if she doesn't answer, I can always look around like I didn't yell, right? But it fit, well it looked like her picture and she was wearing a bright green top, so it had to be her. And it was! We chatted for about a minute, which was probably longer than the people behind me wanted us to chat, but we weren't going anywhere. So whateves.

And here is the lesson in my experience, park as close to the exit as possible. Really, after running or walking 13.1 miles, what's another one on the way to the car? It's called a cool down. I swear that some of my stiffness later on Sunday and today was due to sitting in the car for about 30-40 minutes trying to get out of that parking lot. Then there was the hour drive home.

I'm going to do this race again, only next time I'm going to park in the Chevron parking lot and hope I don't get towed.


Long Time...

I wish I could say I've been busy, but I haven't really. I've been taking some time off.

I still have been running, 4 on Wednesday (so dry) and 10 on Saturday. I decided to keep 10 miles as my last long run before the Carlsbad 1/2. I figure I'm still recovering from the last 1/2, right? It was a great early morning run. I was planning on going out for 8, but couldn't resist those last 2 miles. I'm going to make an effort to keep 10 as my long run while training for the triathlons.

I've also been getting back into a workout routine. Tuesdays and Fridays are spin, Thursdays and Saturdays are runs, and I've added swimming to Wednesdays and (maybe) Mondays. Sundays are a rest day, for now. I wanted to attend the morning spin classes, but that means getting up at 4:30 am and it's not happening.

There is always next week, right?


Southern California 1/2 Marathon AKA My Last Race...

in the twenties. I have the Carlsbad 1/2 in a couple of weeks, but by then I'll have aged up and be in the 30-34 age bracket.

My plan was to run a good 10 miles, then run/walk the last 5K, depending on how I felt. I mean, I had to run 10 miles on the weekend anyway, why not do it on a course I knew was assisted. And if I had to plunk down a few bucks, why not?

So here we are. Flat course? Check. Fluid stations every 2 miles? Check. Wind gusts up to 45 miles an hour? Check, well maybe not 45, but probably 20.

I ran 10 miles in under 2 hours, about an 11:22 pace. Not too shabby for me. I ended up with a time of 2:30:32, giving me a 11:30 pace for the race. Only 2 seconds per mile slower than my first 1/2 marathon. I think I would have been faster if it had been a nice, calm day. Not one with gale force winds.

Somethings I learned during this race.

Even on race day those first 2 miles are a bitch. I tried to keep up with the sheriff's recruits, but they picked up the pace and I knew when to cut my losses and run my own race.

I don't think of my weight when I run, unless it's to wonder if the people I pass are berating themselves for letting someone like me pass them.

I wish I could bottle the feeling I had during mile 8. It was awesome. I felt like I could do anything. Of course by mile 9 all I really wanted was for the race to be over. I felt better at the end of 10 miles.

One thing is for sure, I needed new shoes. I stopped by Roadrunner Sports and picked up some new Hurricanes. I love those shoes.


New Year Resolutions

Yes I know I haven't written in a while. I was experiencing the ecstasy that was vacation and then wallowing in the first week back to work.

In this time, I've dedicated myself to spinning and running, but no swimming yet. I finally decided to sign up for the Southern California Half Marathon. It's on Saturday. I'm stopping by to register tomorrow. This is in addition to, not instead of, Carlsbad.

I do want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I don't really believe in New Year Resolutions, but I make them anyway. I actually make resolutions many times a year, so all New Year Resolutions mean to me is my gym is packed until mid-Feb and that The Daily Plate servers are overwhelmed. Well here they are:

1. Be the one who reaches out. I always respond to friends who plan things. I tend to go with the flow. I don't want my friends to drift away.

2. Take better care of myself. I don't stretch well after a long run or bike ride. Or any run or bike ride actually.

I also need to keep track of my equipment.

See, Yas was having some hip soreness the days she ran. She was also wondering why her toes would fall asleep on long runs. She had mentioned this to her chiropractor and he says bring in the shoes.

Here they are:

Notice what doesn't belong? Yes, that's my left shoe with pretty much no sole on the outer heel. My right heel isn't quite as bad. I've been running on these off and on because my other shoes were giving me blisters. Funny thing about them, those NB 1224s, they're starting to look the same way.

That gray on the outer left heel (the shoe on the right) shouldn't be there.

I'll be monitoring my shoes more closely in the future. I think the peeps down at Road Runner Sports and Snail's Pace are going to love me.

3. Read more. I like to read, I just don't make the time.

And that's it. Well, that's it for now. Like I said, I make resolutions through out the year.

Here's to 2009!