This morning I went for an easy (very easy) 3 mile run. It.was.awesome! I'm excited. Although I'm slow and probably being overly cautious, I'm happy I can run again. Even if it's just 3 miles.

The other exciting thing? CAF was able to get my race packet for Iron Girl! They sent it to me, so now I have my bag, my CAF jersey, my Iron Girl shirt, even a CAF visor and race belt!

I didn't get one of those commemorative Aflac ducks, but I was just going to give it to my mom anyway, so that's cool. Also, I think we'll be getting them at the 5K in Del Mar next month.

I'm excited to try riding my bike tomorrow.



Yesterday was my first actual training session since the gallbladder debacle. It was even coach, and more importantly, Jeremy approved!

I didn't keep up with the people in my lane, but I wasn't trying to push myself too hard. I was trying to make the distances without pushing too hard. It felt great!

I may have to swim more if biking and running are a no go.

I was going to try a nice, easy 30 min run today, but the day has gotten away from me. I need to leave around 3pm to pick up my aunt for Tri la Vie's celebration party tonight. Yes I know, I didn't do the tri, but I'm going to celebrate with my peeps anyway.



12ish weeks of training for nothing. (I'm allowing myself this blog of pity and that's it.)

Wednesday morning I woke up ~3am with a horrid pain. I've had indigestion before and figured it was that or, when it didn't go away an hour after I started pounding liquids, food poisoning from a suspicious piece of string cheese.

At 11-11:30ish I decide to go to the doctor. I can't keep anything down. This is either a serious case of food poisoning that comes with a dull, constant pressure pain on the right side or it's something altogether different. I can't do anything but lay around and throw up. Awsm.

Doc refers me to a ultrasound stat! It's my gallbladder.

Stat = first available appointment at 3pm. Also, same day reading.

4:30ish I call the doc "can keep anything down. pain makes me want to die. what to do?"

He sent me to the ER, where I was seen by 6pm, 6:30 at the latest. (by the time we got there and checked in it was probably 5:15, 5:30.)

Got more blood taken, got drugs for the vomiting and pain, more ultrasounds.

Was told to take it easy. There looked to be no inflammation. I could stay at the hospital and get IV antibiotics or I could go home with the narcotics (basically Tylenol with codeine or something) and watch myself. I decided on the latter.

Jeremy reminded me why I married him yesterday. He was awesome, even guilting the pharmacist into staying a bit late to get my prescription.

So while my friends and team mates are in Vegas, running into the lake, taming the 3 Sisters and running through the desert, I'll probably be sleeping, then walking the dogs and maybe swimming, who knows.


Lost in Peak Week

(photo credit: Ashley Kyser)

So I'll admit it, I bit of more than I could chew this week.

For those of you who don't know, I'm quitting my job to go back to school. CAF inspired me about 6 months ago and my company put me in the right mindset to leave.

Being the good worker bee I am, I'm trying hard to tie up everything I can before I hand this off to anyone. I'm also trying to get ready for Iron Girl (my first stay-over race!) and that comes with it's own headaches. At least with running if you have your shoes and a sports bra, you're pretty much golden. Even if you forget them, you can usually go out and buy more, although I don't recommend running 13.1 miles in new shoes. But just pop in and pick up a bike? I know people do, rent them I mean, but still...

It started off slow, with a swim/run, then exploded into a 1.5 hour hill repeat, 45 minute hard run, 30 mile bike + 2 mile run and ended with a 7 mile run. I did miss a swim workout, which isn't the sport I should miss, really it's not. But with Jer's family coming into town, Friday night wasn't mine and now Monday night isn't mine either. I could be, if I'd cancel my spa appointment, but I'm not going to, so I accept it.
I also volunteered my aunt and myself to make our tri team shirts bigger. The style that was chosen ended up being discontinued, running small and not having an XXL pattern (this would be an XL in normal patterns) so my aunt spent most of her Saturday sewing on the panels of material I cut out and pinned on the sides of the shirts. Once they get printed, I'll post a pic. I also ripped out all the seams, but my aunt did most of the work.

Saturday night also was a surprise party for my friend Audrey. She was having a hard time coming to terms with the 3-0, I think it was good for her. It also helped me realize how far I've come in terms of weight loss. I'm pretty hot (and very tan) if I do say so myself!