Hilly HOT 5 miles

Today's training session called for a 5 mile run at "race pace". I decided I'd run on the trail around my development, but this time actually run the hills instead of taking a detour on the street to keep the path flat.

My "race pace", which is about 10 min/mile (woot I made a goal!) on a flat course, ends up being closer to a 12 min/mile with the hills. Add heat and add another 30 seconds on to that mile.

I was uber bummed. I tried to keep myself at 10:30 min/mile, and was sucessful for the first mile and a bit. The heat killed me, as did the hills. I think I've been hiding in the gym too much this summer. I haven't "acclimated" to the heat. I still question the sky whilst on these hot runs. I mean, isn't it supposed to be in the 70's and sunny with a bit of a breeze at all times in Southern Cali? If not, then they really need to update the brochure.

And yes, I know I make that comment (70's and sunny) whenever the weather isn't. I don't think I really noticed the weather "changes" before I started to training outside.

Yesterday we swam at the lake. I am still lake itch free. It was a 1000 yard time trial I did it in 30:56. I'm kinda bummed. But we weren't wearing our wetsuits. I realize that probably makes me a wimp, me wanting to use my wetsuit at all times. Apparently the water was too warm. USAT rules state that wearing a wetsuit is prohibited in water over 84 degrees F. The people doing the Orange County International will be swimming in that lake in September. It could be that warm, well close to it, in September.

However I'm doing Bonelli, or will be when I sign up for it. I'm hoping the water will be colder there. I'm not sure I'll survive a mile in open water without my wetsuit.


Hilly Reverse Brick

The plan for today was to meet Jillian in San Clemente and ride out to Pendleton. However plans can change. Apparently Pendleton is closed to civilians this month. So much for trying to ride next week's course.

But we will not be defeated. We decide to ride Salt Creek, then run afterwards. Wait, Jillian's boyfriend called, he was going to ride Pendleton with us, he's roughly 20 minutes away. Sure we'll wait. Well, what if we run first? Why the heck not.

The run was 15 minutes, out and back with hills and along the ocean. It was a bit challenging, but fun. I need to run hills and I stayed at a decent pace.

We get back and Jillian's boyfriend is there. We change and get ready to ride the bikes. Now I know it's hilly and I know we race before and I didn't take in as much fluid before the bike as I'd have liked, but WTF is up with these calf cramps?

I'm slower than I'd have liked, but faster than I was the last time we did this course. Did I mention this is the place where I rode with my clipless pedals for the first time and fell 3 times?

I made sure to clear the seat with my shorts every time I mounted the bike and I made the hill that I fell on twice my bitch. I really did. I geared down and would not stop until I reached the top.

I'm still stretching out my calves. I hope this goes away soon.



14:39 41:31 29:42 1:25:52
All I can say is Holy Carp. I was sure the swim was at least 20 minutes. The bike was slower than I thought, the run faster. I forgot to stop my Garmin at the finish line so I'm not exactly sure of my time on the run.
I got nothing else for today. I took a DOR because I was too lazy to plan anything else. I did do a few planks, but that's it.
I also ate like carp when I got home. That was before I saw my splits. I think I would have chosen better if I'd have known my swim time. (yes I know it's illogical, but still.)
P.S. Got an email response from the timing people saying that the Bike included T1 and T2. I'm glad to know that because I didn't think I was that slow!


Solana Beach Triathlon

Overall Time: 1:25:52, I won't get my splits until later this week.

Swim: Pretty good overall. We had a nice current pushing us north, so we lined up far south on the beach so we wouldn't have to swim against the current to get to the first buoy. The swim between the buoys was fast. It was the swim in that was killer.

I was tossed or "washing machined" twice. 2 huge waves pulled me under on the way out. One of the other Divas lost her goggles on the way out. At the end I was happy for the swim to be done. It felt like the swim in was as long as the rest of the it. Note to self, practice ocean exits.

I ran across the sand until I got to the steep ramp that leads down to the beach. I walked fast up it, to chants of "don't give up", "run", "you can do it". I liked the last one, the other ones can bite me. I had a strategy to get up the ramp and I worked it. Part of that strategy was walking up the ramp. I ran the rest of the way to transition, with the exception of some stairs, yes there were stairs.

I thought it was fast. Shucked off my wetsuit, on with my helmet, sunglasses, socks and shoes. Grabbed my garmin (put on the HRM strap of course) and my bike and I was off.

Mounted past the mount line, clipped in and started to pedal. Both the bike and run were 2 loops. I don't like that so much, but I dealt. The first loop was good. I kept it easy, making sure to hydrate. On the second loop I remembered Danskin and how much I had left on the table, so I kicked it into gear.

The shoe change went better than I'd planned. Got to the rack and bikes were in my spot. I hooked one of my drop bars on and left it at that. Off with my helmet and bike shoes, on with my running shoes (I love yanks), race belt and visor. Go.

My plan was to walk out of the transition as this is where my legs turned to jelly before. Didn't have the same feeling so I ran. Running is still my fav. I saw Jillian and my rabbit Ann, who I was chasing the whole race, and other Tridivas. I grabbed water out of T2 so I skipped the water station the first time around. This is where I really hate 2 loops, I really wanted to go straight to the finish line, but I didn't. Turned for my home stretch. Grabbed water from a little girl and walk while I drank. In my head I was thinking, I have nothing left. When I grab my lei I won't have a sprint in me. I was wrong.

Seeing Jillian, Carrie and Martha passing out leis I grabbed one and sprinted. I tried to keep it up the whole way in, but I did feel myself slowing down at the end. I'm going to blame it on wanting to look good for the finish line camera.


Happy Endings

By All-American Rejects was playing at the end of my run. I thought it was perfect because, although I was happy to be done, I really liked my run.

I'm back to tri training, Olympic Distance this time. Today was 45 minutes LSD (Long Slow Distance) with 1 minute Strides (speed up for 30 seconds to all out for 30 seconds) then 30 seconds (which lead to 45 seconds then 1 minute) walking recovery. I ran for 5 minutes than did my stride, rinse and repeat. Although those sprints were really challenging, especially at the end of the run, when I was making bargains with myself to push the sprint, I'm glad I did it. How else will I get faster, I only have so much weight left to lose.

I also was thinking this is how it's going to feel on Sunday, after the swim and the bike when I was finishing the Solana Beach Triathlon. Please don't tell me about the sharks. I know a triathlete was attacked by a shark there and he ended up dying. I realize there is a risk. I've dealt with it and would appreciate not having my fragile mental state about this swim (my first ocean swim race) shattered. :)

So here is what I did this week, Monday ~30 min pool swim, Tuesday- nuthin', Wednesday - Indoor Brick (30 min stationary bike, 30 min dreadmill) and a 26 min ocean swim and today's run. Tomorrow is bike, working on gearing. I'm thinking on going to a spin class and completely ignoring the instructor. Sorry Sam and Viv!


Impersonating a Marine

On Saturday I got to run through the old El Toro Marine base. Home of the Knightriders and the movie B.R.A.T Patrol, a movie I LOVED growing up.

I ended up setting a new PR (30:20) which was dwarfed by the fact that I was A) running on an old airfield run by the Marine Corps, and B) ran by an F-18 Hornet Simulator Building.

B almost made me cry, well it almost made me whoop with giddiness. I worked on the F-18 program, building what my husband lovingly referred to as the ass end of the fighter, in my first year out of college. It was on that program I learned there was more to fasteners than nails, screws, nuts and bolts and what happens when you work with great people. You can endure almost any situation. I also learned that I need to dress up even if everyone around me is in jeans. I'm short and so much younger than everyone I worked with (by at least 20 years) that they all thought I was a high school intern. Back to the race.

It was flat and curvy loop. It was put on by a local football program as a benefit to a childhood cancer charity. All the football players lined up in front of me at the start line (the start line was pretty big, an airfield big almost). Then we were off and I passed them. Yes I realize these are high school tackles and defensive backs, but still. I think they didn't want to be last.

The rest of my day was relatively fun. We finally got our iPhones. Yes we stood in line for hours, but I also got to see Carson Palmer, who I knew* in college. (*knew meaning I said hi to him in passing or when the players came to band practice, etc. I'm not claiming to ever have been part of his posse) He stopped by to see if it was the line for the iPhone. Um, yes, but at least you picked the right product. Some other lady asked if we were waiting for the iMac...

Then we saw The Dark Knight. Great, but a bit disturbing. The Joker was very different from Jack Nicholson's Joker. Much darker and more crazy. I give it 2 thumbs up. Of course it does have my huge crush, Christian Bale in it. So it gets 5 stars, too.


Mornings at the Gym

So I've thrown my life into a tizzy for a bit. I'm going to the gym before work. Mostly for a 5:45 am (that's the morning people) spin class, but if I can get up and run or lift weights or swim, then it leaves my afternoons free for, well, falling asleep on the couch like I did today.

My plan today was a hourish spinning, mostly on my "flat road" regardless of the instructor's directions. I didn't plan on the instructor being so popular that you need to get to the gym at least 30 minutes ahead of time to get a bike. I've gone to spin classes on Tuesday and Thursday and got a bike with no problem. So I changed my plan.

I started with weights. 21s (7 lower bicep curls, 7 upper bicep curls, 7 full bicep curls), bent over rows (15 each arm), and tricep kick backs (15 each arm). Repeat, on to the treadmill.

I'm not sure why the treadmill was so challenging to me today. I ran for about 2 miles and finished out my time walking. I'm wondering if I'm still recovering from no sleep on Sunday night.

I'm also amazed at the transformation of people at the gym. We all come in dressed to work out and leave posh and ready for the day. It shows me the power of well fitting clothes.


I'm Alive

I'm back from Boston. Once I get pictures from the peeps who remembered to bring their cameras, I'll post some.

I didn't count anything while I was there and I had a cannoli, but wanted to eat a dozen. (why have I never had this before?). We didn't get to LAX until 1 am this morning, and I didn't actually get to MY HOUSE until 3am.

I'm at work and have been since 7:30 am. I've had my coffee and will be double fisting water and diet coke to get through the day. I feel like I'm in college all over again, except I get to sit down in front of a computer instead of trying to remember how to ring people up at the bookstore...


Day 2 & 3: Not So OP...

So I'm not really following the Kick Start program. I know, I know. The best laid plans of mice and men, often go awry.

In true WeWa fashion I know the next opportunity to get back on the wagon is the next thing you decide to put in your mouth. I'm now stepping away from the brownies and baklava.

Let's put that depressing news behind us and talk about something happier. Well, depending on which side of the table you're on it could be even more depressing. I went and got fitted for bras on Saturday. The first time in a while and probably 20 lbs.

Depending on the brand and style, I am now a 32C (or 32D). I fit into normal C's or D's in push-up bras, or bras with shallow cups. Is this TMI, yes, but I really don't care. I'm excited. I'm one of those women who like their boobs, but if, at the end of this weight loss I end up with a nice, full B cup, I'll be ecstatic. I don't like bouncing, and bouncing whilst running can be very painful. Now there is less to bounce.


Day 1: Not So Strict

My first day on Kick Start and I already made accommodations. More because I didn't want to heat up the house than anything else.

Latte w/flavor syrup - Core + 2 pts (230)
Smores Luna Bar - 3 pts (180)
Black Bean and Lime soup - Core (340)
Romaine Lettuce, Tomato and Goat Cheese salad - Core + 1 pt (80)
Olive oil and Balsamic Vinegar as dressing - Core (70)
Apple - Core (80)
Cheese - 1 pt (57)
Grilled Veggie Tacos - Core + 2 pts (360)
French Fries - 3 pts (200)
Frozen Yogurt - 2 pts (120)

Yes peeps, that's a total of 14 WPA I've used. However I did do a 50 minute spin class. I think I clocked at least 8 APs in there.

On to other things. Today's training was indoor cycling for newbies or TriDivas that haven't had an indoor class with Martha. She kicked my arse. I don't think I've worked that hard on a regular ride. I've decided to do 2 early morning spin classes to supplement my outdoor cycling. Hopefully it will make me stronger and I can be like Viv.

We also had a nutritionist as our guest speaker. I asked my forever burning question, about how many calories should a person who trains ~ an hour every day and is trying to keep her 1/2 marathon base eat daily? Her answer, obviously it's an individual number, but about 2000. No less. Um, that's a far cry from the ~1200 net calories I've been trying to eat. In case you missed the ( ), the number in there is the approximate calories for the food I ate. Not quite 2000 (1617), but not too bad.

So I guess I'm back to monitoring calories, as well as how hungry I feel.


The 4th and Recommitment

My fourth was great. I volunteered at a 5K/10K race, cycled there to get some saddle time and hills in, and ate breakfast at Ruby's. Turkey sausage skillet with eggbeaters and an english muffin. It came with potatoes and I pretty much ate everything.

Around 3ish we went over to my Brother and Sister in Laws. Didn't do to badly over there, but I did have salt and pepper chips for the first time. Not so sure I like them, but I did sample them a lot to make up my mind. A beer, mimosa and glass of wine later, a long with 2 95% FF Hebrew Nationals, I decided to recommit. Starting Sunday.

So my blog will take a different turn for about a week (well from Sunday to Thursday or Friday this week and all next week, after next Sunday that is). I'll be following WW kickstart program, posting what I ate, my APs and how I felt it went. I'll be following the Core plan. The reason I'm doing Sunday through Thursday/Friday, then Monday through Saturday is because I'm going away this weekend.

Beantown peeps look out! Yas and crew are in town to celebrate new beginnings. One of my friends is getting married, so we're doing her bachelorette party out there whilst visiting a friend who quit her job here and went back to school in Mass.

I'm very excited and a tour of the Sam Adams brewery is on tap (pun intended) so Saturday may not be very OP, but hopefully I'll have saved most of my WPA for it.


Airports and Hotels

I was traveling for work this week. I'd like to point out a couple of reasons I like the Minneapolis Airport: Super nice people and long bathroom stalls.

We arrived in Minneapolis around 9pm. Everything was closing. Even though the register was already cashed out, one of the workers was going to open it up again to sell me a drink. I asked if there were vending machines instead. I know how opening a closed register can cause huge confusion the next day. When I used the restroom, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my luggage and I could fit into the stall without me having to sit on the toilet with my suitcase on my lap to close the door.

The one thing I'd like to ask Minnesotans, or all Mid-Westerners is where are toilet seat covers? It's hit or miss if they are in a restroom. I'd have thought an airport restroom would have one, but I was wrong.

Hotels, what's with all the pillows and why don't they have any form? I had to double up on the pillows. I think it's the filing. Probably goose down. I guess I'll stick with my fiberfill!

I did love the breakfast buffet. I had biscuits and gravy for breakfast 2 mornings in a row. WW, what's that? Viv's July weight loss challenge. huh? I did manage to run and bike on night and do core work and the bike last night. Not enough to burn off biscuits and gravy, but at least I did something...