Hilly Reverse Brick

The plan for today was to meet Jillian in San Clemente and ride out to Pendleton. However plans can change. Apparently Pendleton is closed to civilians this month. So much for trying to ride next week's course.

But we will not be defeated. We decide to ride Salt Creek, then run afterwards. Wait, Jillian's boyfriend called, he was going to ride Pendleton with us, he's roughly 20 minutes away. Sure we'll wait. Well, what if we run first? Why the heck not.

The run was 15 minutes, out and back with hills and along the ocean. It was a bit challenging, but fun. I need to run hills and I stayed at a decent pace.

We get back and Jillian's boyfriend is there. We change and get ready to ride the bikes. Now I know it's hilly and I know we race before and I didn't take in as much fluid before the bike as I'd have liked, but WTF is up with these calf cramps?

I'm slower than I'd have liked, but faster than I was the last time we did this course. Did I mention this is the place where I rode with my clipless pedals for the first time and fell 3 times?

I made sure to clear the seat with my shorts every time I mounted the bike and I made the hill that I fell on twice my bitch. I really did. I geared down and would not stop until I reached the top.

I'm still stretching out my calves. I hope this goes away soon.

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