Tendonitis and Chocolate Milk

So my shoulder pain came back. I'm not sure I mentioned it before, but 6-8 weeks ago I had a pain in my right shoulder. My chiropractor/physical therapist told me stretch and work on my traps. I did and the pain went away. I stopped working on my traps and now it's back.

I went to a MD on Tuesday. He diagnosed the tendonitis and told me to do yoga. When I told him I was a runner/triathlete he told me to keep doing yoga. Interesting prescription.

What this means is no swimming until either A) my shoulder stops hurting or B) 9/7 the date of the Pacific Coast Triathlon. I paid my money and I'm racing it, even if I'm slow.

Wednesday was a breakthrough cycling workout for me. We did hill repeats on El Toro Trail. Two Sundays ago I got up the hill in record speed for me. This was after a 25ish mile ride on Santiago Canyon. I chalked it up to weirdness.

Wednesday my warm up lap was about 10:30, WTF? The next one was about 9:35 thanks to Martha chasing a fellow diva up the hill. I didn't want them to pass me, so I got the benefit of Martha's yelling, too. Passes 3 and 4 hovered around 10:09-1o:20! The last one was cut short due to darkness and me needing to ride my butt back home before it got pitch black.

I'm very impressed with my badassness. The Triathlon Goddess heard my rant about my swim and chose to show me my improvement on the bike. Well, really I was able to track my progress via my training log and my garmin. I love it when I can see progress.

Due to a few fellow bloggers asking about nutrition, I've decided to take one for the team. I will be using chocolate milk as my recovery drink of choice for the next month. I'll report back on my findings. I usually use Luna's recovery drink and have tried Hammer's Recoverite, which worked for me.

I just need to remember the chocolate milk is for recovery, not dessert. Tonight I drank 1 8 oz container for recovery and another one for dessert. At this rate, I'll have to buy a chocolate cow to make this affordable.


Schedule Change

It's times like these when I realize I'm not a "true" athlete. I don't tend to push past the pain. I don't tend to talk myself out of a DOR or try and convince myself to go to that 5:30 am spin class or just to the frakking gym in the morning. I'm putting together a plan to get over these things (Step 1: stop complaining. Step 2: toss any excuses. Step 3: get of your ass and train.)

One thing I haven't been able to force myself through is heat. My plan today was to ride Santiago Canyon at 4pm. I checked Accuweather.com before I left work. It was 86 degrees with a Real Feel of 96. Um, no thanks.

I went for a 45 minute skills and drills pool swimming instead. I figure, at least I did something, right? I was focusing on my gliding. I knew (it was empirically proven by me to myself) that a faster arm turn over doesn't equal faster speed, so I focused on slowing down my stroke, reaching as far as I can and flicking my wrist at the end of the stroke.

I think I made progress on a mind-body connection. I "know" how the whole stroke feels. It's a base to build my future swimming successes.


A Bit Premature

The Triathlon and Running Goddesses have a way of bringing you back to reality.

No you are not the stud of the endurance sports world that you thought you were. You're just an under prepared, overweight, short poser. (Okay, I don't really believe any of that, but I'm trying to drum up sympathy here)

I went for the 6.2 ish (really more like 8ish miles with the warm up) run lead by the OC Tri Club. The route was Mission Viejo International's run course. I am soo glad I'm not doing that race.

It goes from easyish (Lake Mission Viejo swim), to challenging (Santiago Canyon ride), to OMGWTFBBQ run. There is one street that I pretty much walked up because running up it was probably slower. Also the path takes you across all kinds of terrain. Yes I mean it. There is pavement, cement, bark, grass, hay type stuff and dirt. Not that any of this is bad, but it adds a certain element that I would be happy to avoid.

Somewhere between these terrain transitions I must have jammed my ankle, which ended up aggravating my IT band. (this is my chiropractor's theory anyway)

As I said before, the Triathlon and Running Goddesses have a way of telling us mortals to back off. So I'm taking my poll down and will be choosing the Bum plan.

So I'm not the stud of the endurance sports world, I'm okay with that. I know if I just listen to my body, I'll live to run another race.

Thanks Goddesses.



I am asking blogland for opinions, but we'll get to that later.

Friday was a 4 mile run. Although I was hoping to keep a 10:30 pace, I was mandated, by the all knowing training plan, to keep in the 70% HR zone. My pace ended up around an 11 pace.

Today I got up around 6:15 am (45 minutes later than planned), fed myself, the dogs, loaded the car and headed out to Bonelli Park in San Dimas to ride the bike course, well a 3rd of the bike course as it's a 3 loop course).

At 8am-ish I'm parked with bike assembled and ready to roll. I pulled up the course map on my iPhone, stashed the phone in my Bento Box and started riding. The loop is only 8 miles, hence the 3 loops to make the 24 mile bike route.

I'm not sure what I'd have done without my iPhone, except print out the course map and refer to it at every intersection instead, to keep me on course. The ride was a bit challenging, but it was no Santiago Canyon. There is a pretty steep hill that could cause problems. Not getting-off-my-bike-to-walk-it, problems but I could burn out my legs if I try to sprint up it.

My biggest problem with the course was the road itself. It wasn't well paved. I got a lot more, um, action you could call it, in the saddle today than I do on Santiago or anywhere else. It's very bumpy, but I now I know I can do this Olympic course.

Now here's where you all come in. I've become a race whore. I want to do as many races as possible. Below are 2 possible race schedules, I'd like you all to vote for on of them. Yes, I know it might look crazy, but these are my possible plans for the next couple months.

Plan A(ggresive):
9/7 - Pacific Coast Sprint Tri
9/13 - Malibu Olympic Tri (I don't think there will be any celebs at the Oly, other than the elites)
9/27 - See Jane Tri (relay run leg)
10/5 - Playa del Rey (USC vs UCLA) Sprint Tri (Fight On!)
10/19 - Subaru Sprint Tri

Plan B(um):
9/7 - Pacific Coast Sprint Tri
9/27 - See Jane Tri - relay run leg
10/5 - Bonelli Olympic Tri
10/19 - Subaru Sprint Tri



I did a timed mile at Big Corona. My time was 37:33.

WTF? I thought I'd be faster. I'm not sure why, but I did. This brought me down a bit during the farewell bonfire for a fellow TriDiva that is leaving the state. I eventually put it out of my mind and enjoyed the company and the food.

I'm not sure why I can't be happy with any of my swim times. When I started this training I wasn't a swimmer. I'm still not. I was just a bit better than people who didn't know how to swim, now I'm a bit better. The fastest I can do my 25m is still around 30 seconds. That's the same as the pool sessions at the beginning of the spring season! Gah!!!

I think I'm done with this post. I'm Debbie Downer and that's not cool. What I will leave you with is this, I joined the cult called Facebook. Yes I did. And now I have empirical evidence that I, in fact, have friends.


Gym Brick

Today is a(n unplanned) DOR and Friday is a (planned) DOR, so I'll be doubling up sometime in the next 4 days to get all the training in. Maybe I'll do something Friday morning to get all the training in. Because I didn't do anything today, I thought I'd recap yesterday's brick.

I was planning on doing an easy 4 miles but decided to do my 60 min bike - 30 min run instead. What I can say is, it was a pretty good workout. What I can't say is that I pushed myself as hard as I could on the stationary bike as I would have on a real bike outside. Maybe that's a good thing. It is recovery week after all.

The run was a run on a treadmill. Not unpleasant, but not the way I'd like to spend my runs.

Here are some of my observations from the gym:
Some people go to the gym to be looked at. (I will never understand this.)

Some people like to run faster than they can on the dreadmill. The guy next to me was running at 6.0 (~10 min/mile right?) and every once in a while he'd grab on to the handrails. And by every once in a while, I mean once every 2-3 minutes. Why don't you just run your comfortable pace. Or if you're trying to push yourself, a little faster than your comfort pace? You don't impress me if you grab the handrails. You'd make me laugh if you ate belt because you wanted to run faster than you can.

Some people still don't wipe off their equipment. Ick.

I really like training outside.


Quitting Thoughts

This is a pseudo DOR for me. I did have a swim lesson this morning, but I'm not counting it as I usually call swimming days DORs. I do need to do my yoga DVD tonight, for more flexibility.

Sunday my quitting thoughts were no where to be found on Santiago Canyon. In fact, I think I made that ride my bitch, if you really want to know. Well, maybe I didn't, but it was tons better than the first time I rode it.

This got me thinking about quitting thoughts. Why do I have them and why do they have so much power over me? They change my mood from being happy to be out running/cycling/swimming to wanting to give up, go home, watch some more bad television and eating something salty, preferably fried.

I haven't solved this question. I've just started to get better at ignoring those thoughts. Maybe I'm enjoying the pain more. Which is another thing. The first time I rode Santiago I realized why I haven't been making huge strides in any of my training, I don't like to push myself.

I don't think I've ever REALLY liked to push myself, who does? Running so fast that you feel like you're going to puke. Swimming so hard that you're huffing and puffing at the end of a lap, riding to the point where your legs are on fire, then riding some more. Who does any of that for fun?

I do. Well, I will from now on. Coach Martha also mentioned it Wednesday at the beach. She said Divas had been telling her that they don't feel good after their training, but they've been doing better than they ever had. You know what she said? Good. So what if you feel bad (note this is feel bad not feel hurt like you pulled or tore or HURT anything) after training. That means you're working.

So all quitting thoughts will be banished from hence forth. Breathing (not wheezing) so hard I want to puke? Bring it. Legs or arms on fire? I love it.

Well I will, in the very near future. You see, my lovelies, this week is recovery week on my schedule. I got nothing but easy for 6 days.


What I Did This Week

Today I rode Santiago Canyon for the second time. It was a 2 hour ride. I went farther than before and felt better. I even did a hill repeat at the end of all that, we had a 2.5 hour ride on tap, and was FASTER than I have been at any previous time. WTF? Seriously.

Also, the quitting thoughts were no where to be found. Instead the chorus of My Chemical Romance's Dead! ran through my head. Did I think I was going to die? Did I wish I was dead? No, but the cadence of the music kept me going.

I did set intermediate goals for myself, this telephone pole, that next road sign, sometimes those goals were the only things that kept my legs pumping up the hills.

Here's a recap of the rest of my week:
Wednesday: swimming at Corona Del Mar. Much better than the last time I was there. No panic/asthma attack. I finished 3 laps (~1.3ish miles), although I didn't quite do what was on the plan. Instead of sprinting on the way out and aerobic on the way back, I was a bit more than aerobic on the way out and aerobic or less on the way back. I still count it as a victory.

Thursday: Hill repeats at El Toro, 10 minutes up, 5 minutes recovery. I semi failed at this one. My back really hurt after the 3 repeat and a fellow TriDiva had a flat tire, so I stopped to see if I could help and never did my 4th repeat.

Friday: Nothing

Saturday: 5.5 mile run around Lake Mission Viejo. I found out something very important this run. The heat kills me more than the hills do. It was basically the same route (well it was exactly the same venue, but I didn't do 2 full laps) that I did one afternoon and averaged a 12ish min/mile pace. This time I beat my workout pace of 11 min/mile (it was 10:57 min/mile). This also leads me to believe I can push my long distance pace. It's usually around 11.


Track Workout

Today was my second track workout. I think it went well.

I realize now I need a new goal. For the longest time, ever since I started running really, I've dreamed of the 10 minute mile. I've been flirting with it for a while now, not really wanting to acknowledge my 5K times.

Then came running in the heat and on hills. This brought a drop in pace which re-enforced my notion that I wasn't a 10 minute mile person.

Well I was wrong. I'm not saying I can hold a 10 min/mile over a half marathon, but I'm definitely closer to a 9 minute mile (fastest track mile was 9:31ish) than I thought.

So I have to pick a new goal now. Will I go with the obvious 9 min/mile? Or think ahead to an 8:30 min/mile.

If you know me at all, the answer jumps out at you. The 8:30 of course. Why do anything the easy way?


Where Are You People?

Vacations, work travel, just snubbing me? I'm wondering where you people are at! Maybe I'm not as interesting as I think...

Well, whateves. It's more of a training blog anyway. It's almost all I think about. I really don't think I'm ready for an Olympic distance tri. Every ocean tri I do (yes I know I've only done 2) brings me closer to this realization. But I'll train the distance. You never know when someone will say "swim a mile or it's your life". It may not be a fast mile, but It'll be a mile.

Last night I went to bed after watching the USA men's relay team win the gold. This gave me extra motivation to wake up at 4 am ish to get to the gym and do my 500 yard time trials.

Warmed up with 200 yards followed by 200 yards of skills and drills. I chose hip flick, finger tip drag both with and without the buoy, then one armed glide, and 9-3-9s (glide on one arm for 9 kicks, 3 strokes, then glide on the other arm for 9 kicks).

Next was my slow 500 yards (16:12), followed by my moderate 500 yard (15:21) and then my all out 500 yards (14:44).

As you can see, I shaved about 40 seconds off each successive time, so my goal of 3x500 descending was reached. What made me sad was I *know* I did a 500 time trial in 13+ minutes. Granted I hadn't just finished 2-500 yard time trials with about 90 seconds of rest in between, but still.


Doing Nothing

I did nothing today. I didn't do the pool Olympic training. I didn't even walk my dogs.

In my defense, my mom was here. Not in my defense, my mom walked my dogs.

I did take my bike in to get the clicking whilst shifting looked at and I took my mom to the airport. I did a little grocery shopping. Returned to the bike store to find out they hadn't taken a look at it and I'll be waiting to get it back on Tuesday. And Tuesday was hooking me up. They usually are a week out. Maybe I'll go back to the other bike shop. This one is just closer to my house and sells my Cytomax.

I did clean the closet and fold the laundry that Jeremy did. I am posting and then I'll clean my desk. I also finally finished (almost) a mini-scrapbook that I'm putting together for my friend's daughter. (Yes I'm a running, scrapbooking, triathlete. Bite me).

Also, I'm back to tracking, so if you're reading this Kell and Star, check your email. Night All!


Game Day - Pendleton Sprint Tri

Woke up at 4:25 am. I had laid my out my clothes, as is my new routine, the night before.

I'm downstairs with the electric kettle on by 4:35. Got my oatmeal in my bowl, with some protein shake powder for good measure, and my tea in my tumbler, ready to go. I pour the hot water into the oatmeal and tea, then go outside to load up the car.

Bike? Check. Bike front wheel? Check. Transition bag? Check. Cooler with nutrition? Check.
The drive was pretty typical. We got to the gate by 5:45ish. I had all my stuff out that was needed to get on to the base so I got to go through, only I've never been on the base before and decided to follow the car in front of me. They didn't have all their stuff ready, so I had to wait for them to show it at a second checkpoint, then I followed the signs like I should have done before.

Parked and got everything out, it's 6:05, 6:10ish. Saw Jillian and we went to wait in line to pick up our transponders. The first think I noticed was the amount of people who dropped their bikes. Really? How hard is it for you to hold on to your bike, or lay it down somewhere while you wait in line?

Said good-bye to Mom and headed down to the transition area. I fully thought I'd be back up to hang out with her, but no. I was a long walk down to transition. I got to my rack and set up. I waited for Kath and helped her set out her gear.

The transition closed at 7:45 am (I didn't know they kicked you out of transition before the swim waves started, but apparently they do sometimes) so we all head towards the beach, only to be told the pre-race meeting was just outside transition. It was basically a course talk.

We watch waves 1-6, notice that we need to start more south as the current is taking us north. Kath thinks she sees some whales out there, but we can't confirm. We also noticed that they pulled not 1, not 2 but 4-5 men out of the water. That doesn't bode well for my state of mind. My goal now changes for this race. I now just want to make it out of the ocean on my own, not with the assistance of the red lifeguard boat (which means a DNF in case you didn't know)

Our wave goes off and I'm jogging to the beach, I'm not going to have an asthma attack before I hit the water. The waves are brutal and it's shallow. I probably should have walked out further, as with the waves and current, it took me 9 minutes to get from the shore start to the first buoy. Even with starting south I had to swim back south to get around the buoy. The rest of the swim took me 9 minutes. WTF????

Whatever, it's done. I'm on to the bike. Well almost. When I was yanking off my wetsuit my transponder also came off. I put it back on and got my cycling stuff and off I went.

I think the swim played games with my head. There were hills and a flat, fast middle, but I didn't really get my bike legs until the turn around. So 9 miles in I start to ride. I'm glad I remembered the hills. It's something I've started doing, trying to catalog the course so I don't have surprises at the end. I think it's the only thing that kept me from walking up some of the hills.

I found a lady in a yellow jersey and we play leap frog for a while, but I lost her on the last hill. I think she's the reason I finished so strong. She was in my age group and I wanted to pass her because of it.

T2 went well. Sprayed some Kool-n-fit on my right knee (my new must have supply), got the rest of my running gear on, and I was off.

I started jogging up the transition hill, but ended up walking most of it. The run was flat, around the buildings at ACU-5. I ended up with an 11 min/mile pace, my long distance run pace. I figured that wasn't so bad after 18 miles on the bike.

I waited for Kath to finish, so we could celebrate her first tri.

All in all it was a good day. I got off the bike with minimal irritation to my lady parts, thanks to Erin's reminder. I got through the swim by keeping my head and an aerobic pace (thanks Denise). The encouraging remarks by the volunteer Marines were wonderful. Apparently there were some whales out there with us. Go Kath for spotting them. Erin sent us out a picture, but you can't make it out on the blog.

The only black mark on the day was when I went back to transition to pick up my stuff and they had moved it. It really bothered me because, if I'd just dropped everything where ever, like I wanted to out of the swim and off the bike, I could have lost something. Oh well, I'll send them a note.

Hope everyone's Saturday turned out well.


Trail Race

When I signed up for this race, I didn't know it had so many hills. 2 of which are affectionately called "The Devil's Crotch". Nice.

I signed up for 2 of these Peter's Canyon Trail Runs. I only made this one, but now I'm sad that I didn't at least stop by and pick up my goody bag. The other run I signed up for was the Thursday before I left for Boston and it didn't work out, what with me rushing around to pack that same afternoon.

I left my Garmin at home, on accident of course, so I tried to find people who's pace seemed comfortable and stick with them. Even though there were more hills than I've run 5 miles on in the past, I kept a pretty good pace.

Women's: 122
Over All: 275
Total Time: 59:39
Pace: 11:56
The weather was a little less hot than when I've run my hilly 5 milers in the past, since we started at 6:15ish. But it was dusty. I took a couple hits off my rescue inhaler before the race started because of all the dust and what I thought was perfect conditions for an asthma attack.

I did wheeze a lot, but nothing came of it. I walked up at least 3 hills and walked down that many because they were steep both ways.

The first hump of Devil's Crotch left me feeling defeated when I started walking. Then I realized no one was running up it. NOT ONE PERSON. That made me feel better.

I think I'll come back to this trail. It'll be great to see if I can ever run all of Devil's Crotch. That would be a beautimous accomplishment.


Something I've Never Done Before

I swam at the lake for an hour straight. Let me repeat that. I SWAM AT THE LAKE FOR AN HOUR STRAIGHT.

I've never done that before. I mean, I've been in a pool for an hour or more, but usually there are rests in between the intervals. 25 yds (meters) with 10 seconds rest. 50 with 15 seconds, etc.

Coach Martha says it's for mental training. You'll be out there swimming from buoy to buoy and it's boring. Not really much to look at, no time to look at it anyway.

However I didn't find it boring, well not very boring. I took the time and focused on my technique. Am I pushing the water behind me? Did I flick my wrist at the end of the stroke? Am I going in the right direction? How many laps was that? (I don't know, I stopped counting)

It wasn't as bad as running without music. Now that is something I'm STILL trying to teach myself.


Around the Lake

I ran 1 hour and 15 minutes in the heat. I should have been able to make it 7 miles in that time, but I barely made it 6.

It's all in the planning. My alarm went off at 4:10 for me to get dressed and run my 75 minutes. I decided to go back to sleep instead. When I finally got up, I managed to throw my running clothes and shoes into a bag and take them with me to work.

My plan was to hit the gym after work. I was asked to put in a lake list for the OC Tri Club. Okay, I can run around the lake, it has hills. So I go.

I'm still bummed that my pace is closer to 12:30 min/mile with the heat and the hills. I worked so hard to get that 10ish min/mile pace. I realize that was achieved all on flat road, and hills slow you down, but I still expect my pace to be the same.


Training and More Training

Here's what has happened in my life since I've seen you all last:

Friday: Hill Repeats - Took Jillian to experience In-N-Out for the first time (she's been here a year and no In-N-Out)

Saturday: Rode Santiago Canyon about 6:30 am - Went to dinner at the Yard House and the Improv with friends

Sunday ~3/4 mile Ocean Swim - think I got seasick but stayed to help with the Challenged Athletes Foundation's Ocean Swim Clinic

Friday was great. Jillian, another Tridiva Nora and I did hill repeats. I only did 3 and I still can't break my 11 min mark, but I'm trying. I really wanted a chocolate shake at In-N-Out. It's been my goal to save 15 points and be able to drink the whole milkshake. I have not achieved this goal to date. Maybe after Pendleton this weekend I will. Also, I don't think I could have stomached that much dairy after the hill repeats.

Saturday I finally tackled Santiago Canyon. A few people sent word around that they were going and Jillian said yes. I figured if Jillian could do it after our hill repeats, so could I. Now there were 3 separate occasions on this 23 mile ride that I wanted to get off my bike and walk, but I kept making deals with myself to see what was over this hill and I never got off. These quitting thoughts may be fodder for an upcoming post.

Saturday night was good. Went to the Yard House and had some beer. They have hundreds of them there. We went to the improv and saw a comic that was meh. He had one subject for 90 minutes. Penises, vaginas, sex, him getting more sex now that he's famous. Although some of it was very funny, it wasn't funny for 90 minutes funny.

Sunday started off awful and ended up okay. We had an open water swim, the distance should have been at least twice around the buoys, 3 times if you were fast enough.

Let me set the stage, I ate a PBJ on the way because I figured we'd be getting a talk for about 30 minutes then into the water. Also, I've eaten PBJs before runs or bikes so I thought I could handle it. No dice. Not a long talk, just enough to assure the newbies to ocean swimming that there are critters out there, but the sharks we've seen are lemon sharks that *may* be 2 ft in length. And we're off.

My plan was to stick with Ann, the first lap went okay, the second 1/2 lap was horrible. I'm not sure if I didn't have my wetsuit on correctly or if the rough waters started my stomach going or if forgetting my daily inhaler in the morning triggered an asthma attack, or all 3, but something happened and I couldn't finish the swim. I couldn't catch my breath, I felt ill and I was towed almost to shore by one of our surf buddies.

I was so embarrassed, but then my friends Dina, Stacey and Laura (the first 2 are nurses) told me to sit down and drink water that I looked pale. At least it wasn't just in my head! I couldn't really run at all during our after swim run. Anytime I tried to run while we were helping the CAF peeps I was wheezing. I think I may have triggered a mild asthma attack while swimming.

The Challenged Athletes Foundation's swim clinic will be the topic of another post. I don't think I can describe how great these people are and how inspired and impressed I was by them.

In the afternoon/evening my brother came down. He was in the state because of a wedding in Burbank, which is NOT close to my part of the state, well not very close. If he hadn't of planned on driving down to visit my Aunt and Uncle in Northern Orange County, I would have driven up. But I knew he was going to come down and wanted to see our house, so I didn't.

We had a nice visit and we went to Bob's Kabob House for dinner. I really like that place.

Today is a DOR. I did take my bong hits of daily inhaler, if anyone cares. I do not want anything like yesterday happening again. EVER.