Doing Nothing

I did nothing today. I didn't do the pool Olympic training. I didn't even walk my dogs.

In my defense, my mom was here. Not in my defense, my mom walked my dogs.

I did take my bike in to get the clicking whilst shifting looked at and I took my mom to the airport. I did a little grocery shopping. Returned to the bike store to find out they hadn't taken a look at it and I'll be waiting to get it back on Tuesday. And Tuesday was hooking me up. They usually are a week out. Maybe I'll go back to the other bike shop. This one is just closer to my house and sells my Cytomax.

I did clean the closet and fold the laundry that Jeremy did. I am posting and then I'll clean my desk. I also finally finished (almost) a mini-scrapbook that I'm putting together for my friend's daughter. (Yes I'm a running, scrapbooking, triathlete. Bite me).

Also, I'm back to tracking, so if you're reading this Kell and Star, check your email. Night All!

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