Two in a Row!

I ran today, and Tuesday. So it wasn't really "in a row" as much as twice when I had scheduled runs. Also, I got up EARLY (well ~6am) to do it.

The real obstacle to my running hasn't been the pregnancy, although I was plagued with fatigue something awful in the first trimester. It's been the heat.

I've started to get hotter faster, which just so happens to correspond to the weather getting hotter, and hotter. I guess my decision to skip out on America's Finest City 1/2, and throw away my hopes for a Triple Crown, was a good one. I can't imagine trying to even walk 13.1 miles in August. Although, with my luck, this year it'll be super cold.

Anyway, I'm just excited to be a "runner" again. Hopefully I can keep this up until Oct, maybe even Dec? (I know, I know, I'm probably delusional)