Desire, she is back

I really love running. It made me happy. I am so that commercial of a few years back, where the guy runs off the worries/weights of the day.

I've gone through a really funky couple of years. The pregnancy and it's limitations on my running started it. Then the break up and divorce, which leads to me almost always running with a stroller attached, which isn't bad, just a change. Finally, the gallbladder surgery, which sent me into a funk I didn't even know I was in until I wasted a perfectly good running month.

But last Sunday I went for a 5 mile (ended up running 4 of them and walking the 5th) run, with stroller in hand. It was awesome. In fact, a few hours after I got home I wanted to do it all over again. And go longer.

Then I ran a 5K in ~100 degree weather (it was probably mid 90's, but it felt like 1000). Because that's what we crazy runners do. (the bean sat this one out)

So I'm doing it all again tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to make the whole 5 miles.