I'm not fast, I always finish

I'm finally back.  Back here and back in the pool.  I ran Ragnar So Cal last month and a guy in my van, who I'd met once or twice before, but didn't really know, and I got to talking about triathlons.  He was on the triathlon team when he was at USC (yes, there was a lot of SC talk, too).  And I got bitten by the bug.

Why am I not in the water?  Why am I not on the bike?  What is keeping me from getting back, other than the insane cost of races?

Nothing.  I can add 1200-2000 yards in between Mommy and me swim class and lunch.  I can get in the pool late at night.  In fact, I realized I actually like swimming.  I liked being in the pool.  It used to be my least favorite of the 3 sports.

Getting back on the bike is a different story.  I've been thinking about getting a baby seat for my mountain bike, I just haven't yet.  I have a trailer, but I'm scared to ride with it on the streets.  I'll figure that one out later.  I know I can pull out a slow 12 or even 24 miles.

Today I swam 1200 yards.  The bulk was 4x25 - 2x50- 100- 2x50- 4x25- 2x50-100- 2x50- 4x25.  I'm still slow, but I finished it.  My first and last 25s were very close (34sec vs 35).  Yay cardiovascular endurance, boo to being slow.  Although, this was pretty much my same 25 yard time from the last time I was training, so yay me?

Earlier last month I did a 1500 yard time trial in 28 minutes.  Last week I swam 2100 yards, which included multiple 100 and 200 yard "sprints".

If any of you have a swim workout you think I should try, send it on over.  I will finish it.  Even if it takes me 2 hours.  I have mentally train for the 2.4 mile swim some how, right?  Right.

So here's to seeing me around more often.  I really need to log more of my training results somewhere.  At least here you all can laugh at my mistakes with me.  (you shouldn't drink lots of coffee before a race, and get at least 4 hours of sleep.  You'll thank me for this advice later.)