Thwarted 1000 or How Yas Found Out She's Not Completely Screwed

On Monday I went to the gym to attempt a 1000 yard swim workout. I get there and there's this lady putzing around the pool. Checking things, going into a storage room I'd never noticed before. Bringing out a garbage can full of something.

Shit! On the way over I thought to myself, "Self, I hope your swim isn't going to be interrupted by an aquarobics class." But it was. Although these people were super nice and didn't try and kick me out 15 minutes before the class began. They would have been in for a fight.

While I was doing my 100 yd warm up I talked to the instructor to find out when the class started. I had about 15 minutes to get some sort of workout in. This is when my warm up turned into a timed 500.

I finished in 13:02. This included the slow 100 yd warm up AND about 5-10 seconds of talking to the instructor to assess my pool situation. 13:02! It was probably closer to 12:55.

While this might be slow to some of you all, this makes me super happy. My form didn't all go to crap. My endurance, for at least 500 yds, wasn't gone. I was a bit tired, but not exhausted and I wasn't dragging the last few laps.

Now just to get back to 1 mile and sign up for the OC International...


Game Day: 2011 Southern California 1/2 Marathon

3:18:38. This is the finish time for my first 1/2 marathon of the 2011 season. I'm hoping it's the last time this year I see a 3 as the first number in my 1/2 time, but that might be wishful thinking.

This race was mentally tough. It was the first time I've ever seriously considered flagging down a volunteer or policeman and posting a DNF. Seriously. I threw myself a little pity part during mile 9. I was having a wonderful conversation with myself.

self: what's the point. my knee hurts. I won't be able to run again. why does running hate me so much. why don't I just sit down on this curb and quit right now.

self: This really isn't the most pain you've ever been in. It's not most disappointing situation you've ever been in. It's not even the most disappointing race you've ever been in, because you KNEW that it was going to be hard and that your knee was not ready.

self: f*ck this. why do I even do this. this is crap.

self: What this really means is you need to get back to cross training. Get to the finish, get home and start planning your swim and cycling workouts while fixing your knee. You know that's what happened the first time. YOU KNOW that's how you finished training for your first 1/2 marathon. YOU KNOW if you even THINK you can do a Olympic Tri in May you have to get back to the other sports AND they'll give your knee a rest. Also, you will probably beat yourself up for posting a DNF when there is no blood or bones protruding out the skin.

self: fine, now STFU and let me get to work.

At some point I started to see people cheering on the course with medals. I forgot this race gave out medals. I didn't want to be the only person in my group, the person who encouraged her friend to train for and run his first 1/2 marathon, not to get a medal.

So I sucked it up and started to post some 15-15:30 min/miles walking. I didn't have enough in my knee to sprint at the finish line, but I could jog.

My plan going forward:

Get through this week. I'm planning the bean's 1st birthday party (yes, he's almost a year. I can't believe it either). I haven't really done anything for this party but send out invitations. I may be screwed.

Find a PT and see them. I need to figure out how to fix my knee issues.

Check out the Y. I need to pick my gym or the YMCA and sign up for the childcare program. It's really the only way I can, reliably, get in the pool or on the bike.

I'll keep you all posted.