I'm a Rockstar

This was told to me by my friend Jo, when I told her I'd be late to help her pack on Sunday, due to my triathlon training. This is from the girl who ran the LA marathon 2 years ago. She's yet another inspiration to me. And for more than just the marathon.

Jo has been accepted into a Master's program on the other side of the country. She will be earning 2 master's degree in about 2 years. It's a huge deal and I'm sending her a shout out on a blog she may not read. I love all my friends, so I thought I'd tell everyone about it.

On to me. I had my first swim training ever on Sunday. We were in the pool for about 75 minutes, but I'd say only 60 of them were actual swimming. We did drills, used a buoy to not kick, and we tried to remember to exhale completely in the water, steal air from our armpit and open our eyes under water.

That last one was just me. Well, I think it was. I've never worn goggles before, so I kept closing my eyes. I'll have to learn to trust them at some point. Oh, and I learned how to put on a swim cap, another first. Apparently standing in the pool, or swimming with your head above water isn't really swimming.

I felt really good about the work out. My body was sore later, but not right after I got out of the pool and not sore like I was over exerted, just sore like I had not really used muscles like that.

I'm excited for my next pool session. It's Wednesday with the training group, and I planned my swim "homework" for Friday evening or Saturday morning.


Just Like Riding a Bike

I rode an actual bike for the first time in about 3 years today. I figured if it was going to be part of the trilogy of activities I'm going to do to complete the triathlon, I should make sure I didn't have to relearn it.
They are right, it did all come back. I didn't fall once. I did have my helmet on, though. Just in case. I rode around my neighborhood. I didn't want to get too far away from home in case I got a flat, or the chain busted due to lack of use.

It was uneventful, except when I decided to leave the neighborhood. This is done via a very large hill. You go down the hill to get to the main road. You have to pump your legs to get yourself up that very same hill. I think I stopped twice in that little more than an eight of a mile.
Swimming is all I have left to try. That's our work out on Sunday. I'm going to get in a bathing suit for the first time in 40 lbs. Well, not the first time, maybe the second time. I hadn't gone swimsuit shopping in 40 lbs. It was a stressful experience, but I found something that could be used as a training suit. It's not one that I'd just wear to hang out at the pool or beach in, but it's functional.
Oh, and I have 6 miles on tap for Saturday.
Wish me luck!


Get Over Yourself, Chickie

This is what my friend Viv told me as I was lamenting over my first group training with TriDivas.

Guess what, I did and it was fun. I don't train like that. Well, I guess I don't really "train". I follow a training program, but it's just mileage. Run 4 miles Monday, 2 Tuesday, etc.

Today I ran at a lap at a conversational pace, then two at an aerobic pace, then my fastest mile (possibly ever) 10:05 or 10:15, I know it had a 5, and sprinted up the straights and walked the curves twice, then ran 2 more aerobic laps and cooled down, stretched and left.

There was a brief intro into the training and how it would be structured. At the end there was a Q&A that reminded me I should eat something when I got home, not just go to bed.

I wasn't in the front of the pack but I wasn't in the back, either. I think I was in the middle, although no one really ran close to my pace and the faster runners were too fast for me to keep up. I'll have to work on that.

All in all it was awesome. I don't think I'd have the gumption to train interval type stuff on my own. Also, I did get chided on my form for being one of the "runners" in the group. But I knew that would be coming. My form isn't the best. I need to work on controlling my arms.


Running on the Day Before Trash Pick-Up

Deep breath, bring in that fresh air.... hmm, is that spoiled milk? Maybe it's just moldy something. Either way it's icky. I'm glad that Uncle Hal's plan has me "stretching and strengthing" on Monday. Did he know that Tuesday was trash pick-up? I bet no, but maybe his neighborhood is on the same schedule as mine.

On Wednesday I'm going to ask the Tri coach how I should change my running plan to be able to complete (read run) the whole 1/2 whilst not jepordizing the Tri schedule. After all, I've already paid my money for the triathlon and I haven't picked a 1/2 marathon to run ... yet.

oh, and I ran about 2.5 miles tonight. My knee started acting up. It's the first run in my new shoes, so it could have been that. Or maybe I still haven't recovered from my Disneyland trip.



Unless you count walking or standing for about 11 hours at Disneyland, I've done nothing this week.

Well, I did sign up for TriDivas and a triathlon. I need to lubricate the chain on my bike and put some air in the tires. I should probably take it in for a tune up and figure out a way to transport the bike on Sunday.

I start the formal training on Wednesday, running. At least it's something familiar.


The Blame Game

I've decided I'm done. Done with work. Done with the establishment. Done with excuses.

I haven't been able to run in 2 days, well really 3 and it's really my fault, but I'm going to pass the blame around.

Who brings someone into help but doesn't do all the necessary paperwork to make sure this person can work? Apparently my business unit's shop manager. I'm not going to belabor this issue. I've done it enough at work, on the phone to my RLBF, at home to my husband, and online to my invisapeeps. Today I passed all the bad stuff back on to him so he can figure out how to make it work (I do like Tim Gunn). I really feel bad for the person they brought in to help us as she's did nothing for us today. She did have stuff for her own site to do, so she was able to keep busy, but I know it really sucks.

So I've been stressed because of this work issue and, since she doesn't drive here, I play taxi in the afternoon. Whoo hoo!!!

Just so you know, TG, this is for you and anyone else who moved recently, if you don't change your address with the actual DMV, they won't forward your mail. Then you too can be driving around with an expired license and not know it. After all, who actually looks at those things on their license?

I found out whilst trying to get a loaner car to drive home from my car service place. I could not/did not believe it. The DMV doesn't forward their mail, just so you can learn from my mistake. I did show up to the DMV 30 minutes before it opened and was out of there after paying my renewal fee (my weight is now 123, if you wanted to know) and taking a new picture, 15 minutes after they opened. I have decided I love the DMV now. Really I do. If you had heard the story of the last time I was at the DMV, to get a license after we got married, you'd know what a statement this is.

On to me. I could have run today, but I was exhausted. I could have run yesterday, but I convinced myself the sick hubby needed me to be home. He slept pretty much the whole time I was awake at home. I could have run. I just chose to stay home.

So I'm done, for now. I'm done blaming everyone else for "holding me back". Well, everyone except the production manager that really threw a wrench in my plans. Really I need to get back to the place I was at when I made time for running.

Yeah, that was last week, Tuesday. I need to find my way back to March 11th.



I ran yesterday. I was supposed to go 4 miles, I ended up only going 2. My WHOLE right thigh wasn't happy. This was after I gave it 1 day off running, but I had a trainer appointment, and 1 whole DOR.

I went back to Roadrunner Sports and got fitted, AGAIN. This time I was different. I assertively explained the problem, and he listened. He was an expert at fitting people with orthotics, so I felt loads more comfortable after that. He made sure that my orthotics fit the insoles that we were taking out, something I just yesterday thought to check. If the insoles are smaller than the orthotics, the orthotics won't sit completely flat and therefore won't really do their job.

In the end he told me there were 2 shoes on the market that would be a good fit for me.
Brooks Dyads and New Balance 882.

As they didn't sell the Dyads, I ended up with the New Balance shoes, see below:

Although they look like Eddie Munster shoes, I'm excited to try them out. It seems like my whole entire running life I've been dealing with this IT band issue, and it's probably because I have been. I think I may just end this entry before it starts a whole boo hoo pity party extravaganza. I mean, at least I didn't have to have surgery or stop running for more than a month like some of my other running peeps.

I'm not going to try for the whole 6 miles I had scheduled for Sunday. I will go out for 2 or 3, hopefully 3, and see what happens.



Have you ever tried Madelines? I hadn't before last Friday. I stopped at Peet's for my weekly latte. If you all don't have Peet's near you, you are missing out. Like Togos, I think it's only a west coast chain, but I will make sure all you coffee loving peeps that come out here try it. The Bucks has NOTHING on Peet's. But I've digressed. Back to Madelines.

They are little cake cookies. Apparently they're from Commercy, France and 18th century nuns made and sold them to support themselves and their schools. They sold their recipe to the bakers in Commercy during the French Revolution. Or they were made by some chick named Madeleine for a deposed Polish king who named the cookie/cake after her. Regardless of their origin, they are yummy.

I can't believe I went 29 years, 51 days of my life without having one. If they weren't ~2 pts each (that's WW speak for lots of calories and fat, peeps) I'd have them every day with every meal.

They're like a dense vanilla cake. The outside can be a bit firm or crunchy, like a cookie, but the inside is soft, like cake. It really does remind me of a dense cupcake. I'm drooling just thinking about them. On to non food talk.

There was no running today, although there was a trainer session and a trip to the orthotics maker. Let's talk about the latter first.

Apparently drying my inserts by putting them near the space heater after the downpour that was the Surf City 5K, was not the correct move. Not that I damaged them, but I'm not to do it again. They thinned out the plastic in my right insert, but the next time I get fitted for new shoes I'm going to push the neutral issue. I think the neutral shoe will work better with my inserts than the ones overpronators. I think there is a post or something that is already in the shoe that is wearing down the insert, this shouldn't happen with neutral shoes. Well that's what I think.

The trainer session may be my last for a bit. If I do hook up with Tri-Divas I probably won't have time to continue my trainer sessions and the Tri-Diva sessions. I'm going to try my hand at creating my own workout routines. We'll see how that goes.

Oh did I mention the Madelines come in chocolate dipped? These were the ones I fell face first in Monday and today. I scavenged a cookie tray in a near by conference room. Yes I was that person. I'm hoping no one sneezed on them or hacked all over them. I bet I'd have eaten them anyway.


Distance vs Time

This is a topic that I've thought about more than once.

I remember when I started C25K, sometimes I'd take what I lovingly refer to as old man steps. You know you've seen him. Sometimes with a walker, sometimes not. Usually hunched over. Yup that was me.

Nearing the middle of mile 4 I thought about taking old man steps. The problem with that is a mile is a mile. Whether I take long strides or old man steps, I still have to cover the 4 miles.

So here's to the longest strides my short little legs can take me. No old man steps.

Splits tell the story though:
Mile 1: 11:04
Mile 2: 11:42
Mile 3: 11:44
Mile 4: 11:34
My feet are feeling funny. Well, just my right foot. Actually my right food and right IT band. I think my insert may have slipped or it's not meshing well with my shoe anymore. I'm going to put a call into the orthotics guy tomorrow, to show him my inserts and seek his professional opinion.
He may just tell me to stretch and ice. pppfffttt!


The Light at the End of the Tunnel

This was a stretch and strengthen day, according to Uncle Hal, so I walked the dogs and stretched. There wasn't any real strengthening. I'm okay with that now.

I'd like to talk to you about something else. Something that might be a bit familiar to anyone reading my blog for any sort of time, my cat Ash.

She's doing AWESOME (yes I love that word, I think I may be a female Captain Awesome). A couple weeks ago she stopped getting bandaged and started wearing a racing suit. Well we call it a racing suit, she looks like the greyhounds or dachshunds or something, you be the judge (I've labeled them so you won't get confused):



Be advised, the pictures below aren't pretty and probably shouldn't be viewed with your lunch.

Saturday, the vet told me to let her air out and have the wound scab over. She can clean herself, run around and jump like she's a "normal" kitty. Little does the vet know Ash has never been normal. Her wound may look bad even now, but I put her before picture next to it so you can see how far she's come.

August 2007

March 2008

Let me just tell you I thought this day would never come. Not only can she run free through out the house and we can see if she and her sister, Cookie, will get along again (there has been much hissing on Cookie's part during this ordeal). We get our guest bathroom back.

Just in time, too. Spring Break is coming up for my teacher friend and my in-laws. I'm expecting visitors.


Running Skirts

I'm in love with them and I thinking I finally figured out why. It's the reverse uniboob.

I like the fact that there is something draped over my ample butt, as to not define each large, jiggly cheek, but one mass. I also love the built in compression shorts.

I attempted to buy shorts last week, but I came home with a Nike skirt that was on clearance. This week I will attempt to buy a pair of shorts, wish me luck.

On to the running. I did my 5 miler today, after the raging party that was my friend Leia's bachelorette party. It was rough, but I made it through. The splits show how rough it was and this was run 8 hours after I woke up. But I did it, and that's what counts.

Mile 1: 11:17
Mile 2: 11:38
Mile 3: 12:00
Mile 4: 12:14
Mile 5: 12:11
Some sort of heartburn/indigestion thing hit me and every lap, about every 1.5 miles, I came in for a pit stop (stopped on my measley porch to drink some water). The water seemed to help a bit, but it was only when I was eating my thin crust veggie pizza that it completely went away.
Thoughts? I'm wondering if it was because of an evening of bar hopping or if I just didn't rest enough on Saturday.