The Light at the End of the Tunnel

This was a stretch and strengthen day, according to Uncle Hal, so I walked the dogs and stretched. There wasn't any real strengthening. I'm okay with that now.

I'd like to talk to you about something else. Something that might be a bit familiar to anyone reading my blog for any sort of time, my cat Ash.

She's doing AWESOME (yes I love that word, I think I may be a female Captain Awesome). A couple weeks ago she stopped getting bandaged and started wearing a racing suit. Well we call it a racing suit, she looks like the greyhounds or dachshunds or something, you be the judge (I've labeled them so you won't get confused):



Be advised, the pictures below aren't pretty and probably shouldn't be viewed with your lunch.

Saturday, the vet told me to let her air out and have the wound scab over. She can clean herself, run around and jump like she's a "normal" kitty. Little does the vet know Ash has never been normal. Her wound may look bad even now, but I put her before picture next to it so you can see how far she's come.

August 2007

March 2008

Let me just tell you I thought this day would never come. Not only can she run free through out the house and we can see if she and her sister, Cookie, will get along again (there has been much hissing on Cookie's part during this ordeal). We get our guest bathroom back.

Just in time, too. Spring Break is coming up for my teacher friend and my in-laws. I'm expecting visitors.

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Viv said...

She is looking so much better!! The racing suit does resemble that of a greyhound. I am glad she is so close to a full recovery.