I'm a Rockstar

This was told to me by my friend Jo, when I told her I'd be late to help her pack on Sunday, due to my triathlon training. This is from the girl who ran the LA marathon 2 years ago. She's yet another inspiration to me. And for more than just the marathon.

Jo has been accepted into a Master's program on the other side of the country. She will be earning 2 master's degree in about 2 years. It's a huge deal and I'm sending her a shout out on a blog she may not read. I love all my friends, so I thought I'd tell everyone about it.

On to me. I had my first swim training ever on Sunday. We were in the pool for about 75 minutes, but I'd say only 60 of them were actual swimming. We did drills, used a buoy to not kick, and we tried to remember to exhale completely in the water, steal air from our armpit and open our eyes under water.

That last one was just me. Well, I think it was. I've never worn goggles before, so I kept closing my eyes. I'll have to learn to trust them at some point. Oh, and I learned how to put on a swim cap, another first. Apparently standing in the pool, or swimming with your head above water isn't really swimming.

I felt really good about the work out. My body was sore later, but not right after I got out of the pool and not sore like I was over exerted, just sore like I had not really used muscles like that.

I'm excited for my next pool session. It's Wednesday with the training group, and I planned my swim "homework" for Friday evening or Saturday morning.


Viv said...

Wow, go Jo!
60 minutes worth of drills, expiring! Oh the no kick is a great tool I have read. I need to get one of those.
LMAO off the google and swim cap!! I am so excited for you Yas! Now when I swim since I have my eyes open I see hair in the pool. I'm
like nasty, everyone should have to wear a cap :-O
Keep up with that homework homie. Become a fish it is half the battle :-)

I think you might be a lil sore today...

Carly said...

Good luck on your race today!

I am also stalking your blog to let you know that you are tagged to come up with the 6 word memoir.