I ran yesterday. I was supposed to go 4 miles, I ended up only going 2. My WHOLE right thigh wasn't happy. This was after I gave it 1 day off running, but I had a trainer appointment, and 1 whole DOR.

I went back to Roadrunner Sports and got fitted, AGAIN. This time I was different. I assertively explained the problem, and he listened. He was an expert at fitting people with orthotics, so I felt loads more comfortable after that. He made sure that my orthotics fit the insoles that we were taking out, something I just yesterday thought to check. If the insoles are smaller than the orthotics, the orthotics won't sit completely flat and therefore won't really do their job.

In the end he told me there were 2 shoes on the market that would be a good fit for me.
Brooks Dyads and New Balance 882.

As they didn't sell the Dyads, I ended up with the New Balance shoes, see below:

Although they look like Eddie Munster shoes, I'm excited to try them out. It seems like my whole entire running life I've been dealing with this IT band issue, and it's probably because I have been. I think I may just end this entry before it starts a whole boo hoo pity party extravaganza. I mean, at least I didn't have to have surgery or stop running for more than a month like some of my other running peeps.

I'm not going to try for the whole 6 miles I had scheduled for Sunday. I will go out for 2 or 3, hopefully 3, and see what happens.


Running Knitter said...

Hope the new shoes are what does the trick. Good luck on your run and let us know how it goes.

Viv said...

I hope the NB kicks give ya the support you need. Keep us posted!