Running on the Day Before Trash Pick-Up

Deep breath, bring in that fresh air.... hmm, is that spoiled milk? Maybe it's just moldy something. Either way it's icky. I'm glad that Uncle Hal's plan has me "stretching and strengthing" on Monday. Did he know that Tuesday was trash pick-up? I bet no, but maybe his neighborhood is on the same schedule as mine.

On Wednesday I'm going to ask the Tri coach how I should change my running plan to be able to complete (read run) the whole 1/2 whilst not jepordizing the Tri schedule. After all, I've already paid my money for the triathlon and I haven't picked a 1/2 marathon to run ... yet.

oh, and I ran about 2.5 miles tonight. My knee started acting up. It's the first run in my new shoes, so it could have been that. Or maybe I still haven't recovered from my Disneyland trip.

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Viv said...

LOL @ Hal on the same garbage pick up as u!
Keep me posted on what the Coach says about tri & 1/2 training. It is too late for me to make use of it, but surely interesting.