Have you ever tried Madelines? I hadn't before last Friday. I stopped at Peet's for my weekly latte. If you all don't have Peet's near you, you are missing out. Like Togos, I think it's only a west coast chain, but I will make sure all you coffee loving peeps that come out here try it. The Bucks has NOTHING on Peet's. But I've digressed. Back to Madelines.

They are little cake cookies. Apparently they're from Commercy, France and 18th century nuns made and sold them to support themselves and their schools. They sold their recipe to the bakers in Commercy during the French Revolution. Or they were made by some chick named Madeleine for a deposed Polish king who named the cookie/cake after her. Regardless of their origin, they are yummy.

I can't believe I went 29 years, 51 days of my life without having one. If they weren't ~2 pts each (that's WW speak for lots of calories and fat, peeps) I'd have them every day with every meal.

They're like a dense vanilla cake. The outside can be a bit firm or crunchy, like a cookie, but the inside is soft, like cake. It really does remind me of a dense cupcake. I'm drooling just thinking about them. On to non food talk.

There was no running today, although there was a trainer session and a trip to the orthotics maker. Let's talk about the latter first.

Apparently drying my inserts by putting them near the space heater after the downpour that was the Surf City 5K, was not the correct move. Not that I damaged them, but I'm not to do it again. They thinned out the plastic in my right insert, but the next time I get fitted for new shoes I'm going to push the neutral issue. I think the neutral shoe will work better with my inserts than the ones overpronators. I think there is a post or something that is already in the shoe that is wearing down the insert, this shouldn't happen with neutral shoes. Well that's what I think.

The trainer session may be my last for a bit. If I do hook up with Tri-Divas I probably won't have time to continue my trainer sessions and the Tri-Diva sessions. I'm going to try my hand at creating my own workout routines. We'll see how that goes.

Oh did I mention the Madelines come in chocolate dipped? These were the ones I fell face first in Monday and today. I scavenged a cookie tray in a near by conference room. Yes I was that person. I'm hoping no one sneezed on them or hacked all over them. I bet I'd have eaten them anyway.

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Viv said...

they are awesome, the pts say it all..lol