Distance vs Time

This is a topic that I've thought about more than once.

I remember when I started C25K, sometimes I'd take what I lovingly refer to as old man steps. You know you've seen him. Sometimes with a walker, sometimes not. Usually hunched over. Yup that was me.

Nearing the middle of mile 4 I thought about taking old man steps. The problem with that is a mile is a mile. Whether I take long strides or old man steps, I still have to cover the 4 miles.

So here's to the longest strides my short little legs can take me. No old man steps.

Splits tell the story though:
Mile 1: 11:04
Mile 2: 11:42
Mile 3: 11:44
Mile 4: 11:34
My feet are feeling funny. Well, just my right foot. Actually my right food and right IT band. I think my insert may have slipped or it's not meshing well with my shoe anymore. I'm going to put a call into the orthotics guy tomorrow, to show him my inserts and seek his professional opinion.
He may just tell me to stretch and ice. pppfffttt!


Viv said...

strech & ice why does that sound so familiar??!!

I hope it is nothing serious with that Mr. IT band. maybe just a lil tigh strech and ice sounds like it might do the job :-)

4 miles is 4 miles and that pace had nothing old manish about it!

Carly said...

I hope there is nothing serious going on with you IT band. Take it easy. nice job on the 4 miles.

Al's Cooking Light Reviews said...

woohoo on 4 miles