Not So Easy...

I need to get my lungs back. I need to find them. Not sure where I left them, but I bet they're around the house somewhere.

I've figured out that walking does not keep the lungs in shape like running. Sure C25K Week 3 was easy, but Week 4 is showing me how much I missed. What left me whilst I was walking away the pounds (ha!) and listening to Harry Potter on my iPod. My lungs.

Once could argue that I never had great lungs to begin with. I do have exercise and allergy induced asthma. At one point in High School I was only breathing at 60% of my asthmatic lungs' capacity and was put on an inhalant steroid to open up the little tubes so my lungs would fill up.

But c'est la vie. I will work back up to running for 36 minutes (my 12 minute/mile pace for 3 miles) straight, then continue to increase my mileage until I get to 72 minutes straight and I run that Great Race in Agoura Hills.

Oh and my mom got me the best Christmas present ever. She got me a pass to work out at her gym. At least I be able to mitigate most of the damage the tamales do...


It's Easier the Second Time Around

I just finished W3D3 of Couch to 5K, and it was easy. I actually briskly walked my recover walks instead of slowed to a snails' pace to suck wind. I was checking my watch so I didn't over run, instead of hoping I was done. All in all this was a wonderful week of almost running. Now I only have 5 more to go.

I did sign up, read put money down, on the Surf City 5K. This was going to be my first 1/2 marathon, but oh well. Maybe things happen for a reason. I encouraged one of my Weight Watcher meeting friends to start Couch to 5K, then conned her into signing up for this race in Huntington Beach on the morning of Superbowl Sunday. It's not always about football, you know. Oh and I really want one of those surf board metals. I think it's the closest I'll ever come to owning a surf board.

I'm hoping this, and mostly following WW new Kick Start program this week, will result in a loss on Sunday. I did not ingest fat-free cheddar (bleck) to gain or maintain on the stupid Monster Box (a term coined in my WW meeting for the scale) .

I'm also planning strategies for next week's Snack Table. It's a 4 (count 'em 4) day potluck. I think I'm only going to be there for 3 of those days, but it'll still be trouble. I heard someone might be bringing in a Chocolate MotherlodeCake from Claim Jumper. If there is one thing I can't resist it's a 6 layer chocolate cake with chocolate filling and frosting, topped with nuts. Someone else is bringing in baked rigatoni from another local restaurant.

I will be bringing in a modified Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle. Yes Paula Dean made it on her show, but no it does not contain 4 sticks of "butta". I leave out the brown sugar, use sugar-free, fat-free jello instant pudding made with fat-free milk. I also use cool whip free or cool whip lite. Everyone loves it and no one knows the difference. Of course no one's tried one made by the Queen of Cholesterol herself, Ms. Dean. They might die on the spot.


Your Neck is So Small

So we're sitting on the couch, eating dinner and watching Monday Night Football and Jeremy looks over at me and says, "Your neck is so small."

At first this weirds me out a bit as I the line, "I can snap you like a twig" or something like that from Dodge Ball comes into my head. But then he proceeds to encircle my neck with his hands. He couldn't do that before, he says. I think this is the first thing he's said about my WLJ that I didn't have to bring up first.

It's funny the things he notices. I realize he sees me every day, so the actual shedding of the pounds is as noticeable to him as it is to me, except I get the added feedback of clothes falling off.

Yesterday, on our way out to dinner he mentions that the difference between this time on WW and my last time is that I spend more time exercising. This is also true. Back in 2002, when I started WW the first time, I didn't really exercise at all, unless you call a corporate softball league exercise.

I just thought it was sweet that he was commenting on my success and determination, as he put it.

I've noticed him changing as well. We no longer go to In-n-Out or Wendy's when we "go out". We go to actual sit down restaurants where there are healthier options to choose. He picks fast food restaurants based on which place has the most food I can eat. He is even more adventurous in the kitchen. He doesn't make faces when I try a new recipe and is eating whole wheat pasta. Granted the only brand of whole wheat pasta he'll eat is bionaturae, but it's still whole wheat pasta.

A lot changes in 5 years. I'm more committed to make this lifestyle change and he's more committed to support me. Oh, did I forget to mention he takes out the trash without me nagging him about it? Is there any question why I love this man?

It really has been 5 years of wedded bliss...


C25K W3 D1 take 2


Well, I bet it's more like taxiing to the runway.

I'm determined to ease back into running after taking this past month of to rest my IT band. I was so bummed during this time off from running that I don't want to be bothered by this injury again. I focused on walking and strength training. But today was the day. I started my "running" program at ~11am this morning. I decided not to jump right back in, like I wanted, and try to run 2 miles today. I decided to go back to the beginning. Almost.

In May of this year I started the Couch to 5K (C25K) from the Cool Running website. It changed my life. I found something I really enjoyed that I could do anywhere. So I went back to it. Today was Day 1 of Week 3.

I didn't start at the beginning, because I knew I was past that point. I still walk and go to the gym, so I have some endurance and didn't want to start all over. This time was easier than I remember. I almost thought I should have started at Week 4 or maybe run again tomorrow, but I'm going to restrain myself. Over training is what got me here in the first place. If I'm ever going to run that 1/2 marathon in 2008, I'm going to need to stay healthy.


My Personality Shines Through, Now...

My mother and aunt, yes they're twins, turned 60 this year. They are amazing women who I've looked up to for as long as I thought to look up to someone, but that's another blog topic all together. The reason I bring them up is because of the situation created by said birthday. A surprise party.

At the party I saw many people I haven't seen for a while, either 2 months, since my granny's 80th birthday party, or a whole year. One friend of the family, we'll call him Uncle, and his wife were there. Uncle commented on my weight loss, mentioning he thought it let more of my natural personality shine through. WTF????

Now at the time, I didn't really process it. I was too busy saying hi to everyone and trying to get everything settled down so the surprise could be pulled off, to really comprehend it. But I did have all weekend and Tuesday's 2 hour Biggest Loser to think about it.

To give Uncle some credit or leeway, he is from another country, even though he's been here since I was about 5. He may not have used the words he wanted to use. But the words he used made me think.

Who does my (or your) being overweight limit more? Me (or you)? Or other people?

Did I limit myself at 180 lbs or even at 195? Was I less funny, sarcastic or adventurous? I hiked and camped and indoor rock climbed, all before I lost 40 lbs. I made friends, joked around and went out, in short did things before I decided to lose weight.

Did Uncle say to himself, she's got a great personality, if only she wasn't so fat? Do/Did lots of people think, she's pretty for a fat girl? Was I oblivious to people snubbing me because of my weight, or appearance in general?

I'm glad my hiring managers were able to see my skillz and not just my appearance. I'm grateful that the wonderful people I call my friends, in real life and online, see me and not my weight.

I like to think people love me or hate me based on my attitude alone.

So now I'm at the meh/what ev phase of thinking about the comment. I've been offended by it, then disected it and now I'm over it. But I'd still like to hear what you all think.


Inflatable Decorations

So I stood silently by when I saw the first blow up Santa on a lawn. The next year there were inflatable sleighs, penguins, even snow globes. I think, seriously people? On what little front yard you have (and driveway) you're gonna blow up this thing? Then there were blow up decorations for Halloween. Hmm, an inflatable biker on a motorcycle with a jack-o-lantern, sure.

What I've seen now has taken the cake. It's an inflatable nativity people! Complete with animals. Although given a choice between the inflatable nativity and the plastic baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph with lights inside, I'd take the inflatable one.

As you might have guessed, a by product of my not running and only walking around the neighborhood is that I have time to notice the decor of my surroundings. And what I've seen kinda scares me.

I do love Christmas decorations, but don't stop by my house there aren't any up, inside or out, but I do draw the line at inflatable devices. Especially when there is no room to put them out on the lawn, so you put them on your roof. Not one or two, but three. Maybe more.

I'm really not a bah humbug, but sometimes I wonder why tact goes out the window during Dec.