9 into 4

After my aborted 9 on Tuesday, didn't even make it 2 miles before my knee started screaming, I tried again today.

It didn't go as well as I'd hoped. I didn't get 9. I didn't get 6.2. I got 4. But that's better than nothing.

The first 2 miles gave me lots of hope. They were nice and easy (12:45ish). I was running on concrete, which may have been a contributing factor to my knee pain. The 3rd mile was do able (~13:20). Still kept up a pretty good pace and ran the entire distance. The last mile was a 3:1 run walk with some stretching thrown in, to spice up the work out, you know.

I'm stretching and doing some strength exercises. Here's to hoping I can get to the start line of the Southern California 1/2!


Why do you hate me?

Running, why do you hate me? I love you so much. I love the wind on my face (when there is wind, I don't run fast enough to create any wind). I love the sun/rain on my face. I love the footfalls, everyone of those little impacts that propel me forward. Love, love, love it!

But you hate me. I tell you I want you, you throw me a stressed/hurting ankle. I tell you I need you, you give me knee pain leading me to believe I'll have IT band issues again. Why do I keep coming back? What pull do you have over me?

And there is the riddle. Why do I keep trying to chase, literally and figuratively, a dream of running long distances quickly?

Running gods, please let me make it to the Start line of the Southern California 1/2 in January. This is all I ask.