Why do you hate me?

Running, why do you hate me? I love you so much. I love the wind on my face (when there is wind, I don't run fast enough to create any wind). I love the sun/rain on my face. I love the footfalls, everyone of those little impacts that propel me forward. Love, love, love it!

But you hate me. I tell you I want you, you throw me a stressed/hurting ankle. I tell you I need you, you give me knee pain leading me to believe I'll have IT band issues again. Why do I keep coming back? What pull do you have over me?

And there is the riddle. Why do I keep trying to chase, literally and figuratively, a dream of running long distances quickly?

Running gods, please let me make it to the Start line of the Southern California 1/2 in January. This is all I ask.


Elle said...

You can do it - baby that IT band and ankle ... run/walk,take it slow, and stretch,stretch,stretch! I'm flying in to 'run' (there may be walking involved!)this with you and J. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we'll meet at that starting line!

Aka Alice said...

Running is that bad boy we dated in college. So, so, so very bad for us, but the one we wanted the most.

Not much changes...huh? I love running too!

To Elle's advise, I'd add, ice and ibuprofen.

Hang in there!