OMG hot!

We met at 7am Sunday, and probably started the run by 7:30. I ran/walked 3 laps, ~4 miles. It's a pretty tough trail, at least for me. The first part is pretty hilly. I didn't get any negative splits, in fact, I think I did the laps in 15 then 16 minutes. About 1 mile. Seriously. And then it got hot.

I'm pretty impressed with myself for stopping when I felt like I was getting overheated. I wasn't sure that I was going to have the self control.

After the laps we had some trainers out and they gave us a quick (5 minute) work out. 15 squats, 5 spidermans (each side, foot to ear), 5 push ups, repeat for 5 minutes.

I'm feeling that today, but at least I have control over my legs.


Pretty Run

Sunday I ran 4 miles from Big Corona Del Mar to the north end of Crystal Cove and back. I use the term run very loosely. It's really more of a walk/run, and I keep saying that, so I'll stop now. I'm really happy that I can keep running.

I took off a bit before 9, and that was a bit too late for me. I think if I'd have left earlier, I would have been able to go longer. Because the sun broke through, as it often does, and it got hot fast. I'm also glad I decided to bring the second 1/2 of my breakfast (PB & J) with me to training. I was HUNGRY when I was done.

So along with the super sniffer, and the gagging, I'm adding almost constant hunger to my list of things no one ever tells you happens, during the first trimester at least, while you're pregnant. It could be because I'm more active than the women I know who have been pregnant, but it's definitely something I wish I was warned about!


Run and Reminisce

Wednesday I went for my first "run" in 3 weeks. I thought it was 4, but realized I did run a lot of the Laguna Hills 1/2, which was Memorial Day. I think I did okay. 3.4 miles in 45ish minutes, with walking and paying very close attention to my perceived exertion. My next "scheduled" run is Sunday at Crystal Cove. I might run a bit tomorrow, but I really need to get a swim in sometime this week.

Today I drove through Santiago Canyon on my way to meet a friend for lunch. I really wanted to be out there, if it was a bit more overcast. I didn't think I'd miss my bike so much. The spin classes aren't the same. I was spoiled by the bikes at Ciell, a new indoor cycling place in Ladera Ranch. If you're near there, I think they're still doing a "first class free" special. But I warn you, you'll be spoiled for all spin bikes.

Also, things no one tells you about being pregnant, increased gag reflex. It takes all my concentration to brush my teeth without tossing my cookies. Which there was a way to fix that.


Strong and Fast

No, it's not my last track workout, it's a heartbeat. And it's not my heartbeat, although mine is strong...

It's my baby's heartbeat.

Now the cat's out of the bag (or house and I know how hard it is to catch a cat that doesn't want to be caught.) Some of my faithful (unless you've given up on me) readers already knew.

So here's the real reason behind my 2:49:31 La Jolla finish. And my gallbladder attack, although that was probably going to happen sooner or later. And my 3 hour Laguna Hills 1/2, but I didn't really train for that one. I think the longest run I had after my gallbladder incident (leading up to the 3 hour race) was 5 miles.

I'm not completely blaming the bean for being slow. But (s)he is a great scapegoat. You'll all meet bean at the end of the year, or the beginning of next year. It was poor planning, getting preggers during the season, but it is Cali and there are races year round, so the complaining is over, for now.

So there will be less running, (more because of my tweaked knee earned during the 3 hour 1/2, then the pregnancy), and no bike riding (due to a mandate by my coach) but more swimming.

Maybe the first thing this bean will give me, other than a trip to the ER and a want to remove my gallbladder, is an appreciation for swimming.