Pretty Run

Sunday I ran 4 miles from Big Corona Del Mar to the north end of Crystal Cove and back. I use the term run very loosely. It's really more of a walk/run, and I keep saying that, so I'll stop now. I'm really happy that I can keep running.

I took off a bit before 9, and that was a bit too late for me. I think if I'd have left earlier, I would have been able to go longer. Because the sun broke through, as it often does, and it got hot fast. I'm also glad I decided to bring the second 1/2 of my breakfast (PB & J) with me to training. I was HUNGRY when I was done.

So along with the super sniffer, and the gagging, I'm adding almost constant hunger to my list of things no one ever tells you happens, during the first trimester at least, while you're pregnant. It could be because I'm more active than the women I know who have been pregnant, but it's definitely something I wish I was warned about!


Glenn Jones said...

Wasn't it a great day though! Sorry I missed ya!

AKA Alice said...

Oh Yas...if someone told you all the details about being preggers, we'd never do it. :-)

You do get a baby at the end, which makes it all worth it though.

Awesome that you're still run/walking!

The Worsted Witch said...

You'll also develop a craving for salt at some point soon, because your body needs to compensate for electrolyte loss when you gain a lot of water weight.

The Worsted Witch said...

Oh, No. #2123 on Things No One Told Me About Pregnancy: you'll probably poop during labor.