OMG hot!

We met at 7am Sunday, and probably started the run by 7:30. I ran/walked 3 laps, ~4 miles. It's a pretty tough trail, at least for me. The first part is pretty hilly. I didn't get any negative splits, in fact, I think I did the laps in 15 then 16 minutes. About 1 mile. Seriously. And then it got hot.

I'm pretty impressed with myself for stopping when I felt like I was getting overheated. I wasn't sure that I was going to have the self control.

After the laps we had some trainers out and they gave us a quick (5 minute) work out. 15 squats, 5 spidermans (each side, foot to ear), 5 push ups, repeat for 5 minutes.

I'm feeling that today, but at least I have control over my legs.

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Glenn Jones said...

Yup! It was a warm one! I took off early on Sunday hoping to get some mile in before the marine layerburned off, but the sun was out in full force in Newport/Irvine by 8 AM. Argh!