Biggest NSV Ever!

I ended up at a mega sports store this afternoon, in search of new game day clothes. I was looking for a running skirt, basically a tennis skirt, which is what I ended up with. In a medium.

Why is buying a tennis skirt in a medium anything exciting, you ask. How would buying anything in a medium be the "biggest NSV ever"? I've never worn a medium in workout clothes. For as long as I can remember I was always L or XL.

Granted this tennis skirt is made for someone who's thighs don't rub together, so I'll have it for a bit, and it won't make it's game day debut on Sunday, but I'm still excited. The scale going down is one thing, buying a medium, or size 10 pants, is completely different. Maybe I'll brave the misses dept next time I'm at Nordstrom's.

But on to running. I woke up at 4:30am, but my legs told my brain that it hadn't even been 12 hours since I last ran and we'd pick up this morning running thing after the race. My legs made such a good point that my brain agreed and I got out of bed around 4:45am. See, I'm trying to train myself to actually get out of bed so this morning run thing will be successful.

I did get my easy 1.5 mile run in. I'm trying to build up my "tolerance" some people may call it endurance. I want to get up to running at least 3 miles everyday.

BTW, did I mention that college football started today. I am in heaven.


Wait 30 minutes before...

So tonight's run sucked. Most likely I didn't let my food settle before I hit the road. Maybe the old wives' tale about going swimming after you eat is really about running.

It was still hot at 7pm and now it's getting dark around 7:30ish. If the temperatures stay this high I may have to join a gym. I avoid the gym like I try to avoid the Vending Machine of Death.

I did manage to get in almost 3 miles in 33 minutes.

I'm going to try and wake up early tomorrow to run in the coolness that is the morning. Thursday will be 3 day's before race day, or game day as I like to refer to it.

I need to get my game face on.


Day of Rest

So apparently trying to do physical activity with only a non-fat sugar-free vanilla latte in your stomach isn't a very good idea. But I tried. Let's forget that I've been awake for 3 hours with nothing else in my stomach. I didn't think about that. All I thought about was the great weigh in I had. My car tells me it's 71 degrees outside, so we run.

We walk/run about 1.3 miles and call it a day. After drinking a fruit smoothie and eating a Vitatop, I'm off to walk the dogs their 2 miles. It starts to rain. I've decided someone is telling me this should be a Day of Rest. I take their advice.


I hate(d) running

Running was not something that you did because you enjoyed it. It's something you did because the coach told you to run around the pitch or the field for conditioning. It's something you did in drills. It's something you did in a game. It wasn't something you ever did outside of practice. I mean, it's nothing I ever did outside of practice.

After high school, I dropped running like a bad habit. Well, I wanted to drop running like a bad habit, but band had different ideas. Here was another "coach" making me run. But my running was short lived. After my freshman year, it was done.

Now, ten years later, I've started running because I wanted to. Although, that's not entirely true. I started running to launch myself off a weight loss plateau. I needed to burn more calories and I didn't want to join a gym I was going to quit in 3 months. I found couch to 5K due to some wonderful people on WW, bought some shoes and started running.

It was a challenge. I wanted to prove to myself I could stick with a program. It didn't hurt that one of my friends started at the same time and we were supporting each other. I graduated the couch to 5K program in early July.

Now running is my time. You know that propel commercial, where the guy's running and all the worries from the day are shed off him during his run? Sometimes that's me. Let's face it, most of the time that's me.

I ran my first 5K on July 28th, 2007 and my next race is coming up Labor Day Weekend.

I no longer hate running.