Biggest NSV Ever!

I ended up at a mega sports store this afternoon, in search of new game day clothes. I was looking for a running skirt, basically a tennis skirt, which is what I ended up with. In a medium.

Why is buying a tennis skirt in a medium anything exciting, you ask. How would buying anything in a medium be the "biggest NSV ever"? I've never worn a medium in workout clothes. For as long as I can remember I was always L or XL.

Granted this tennis skirt is made for someone who's thighs don't rub together, so I'll have it for a bit, and it won't make it's game day debut on Sunday, but I'm still excited. The scale going down is one thing, buying a medium, or size 10 pants, is completely different. Maybe I'll brave the misses dept next time I'm at Nordstrom's.

But on to running. I woke up at 4:30am, but my legs told my brain that it hadn't even been 12 hours since I last ran and we'd pick up this morning running thing after the race. My legs made such a good point that my brain agreed and I got out of bed around 4:45am. See, I'm trying to train myself to actually get out of bed so this morning run thing will be successful.

I did get my easy 1.5 mile run in. I'm trying to build up my "tolerance" some people may call it endurance. I want to get up to running at least 3 miles everyday.

BTW, did I mention that college football started today. I am in heaven.


Viv said...

Congrats on the M tennis skirt, sounds super cute! Go Longhorns!

Tammy said...

Congrats on the skirt, Yas!!

Best of luck at your race, er, game day!!