Run and Reminisce

Wednesday I went for my first "run" in 3 weeks. I thought it was 4, but realized I did run a lot of the Laguna Hills 1/2, which was Memorial Day. I think I did okay. 3.4 miles in 45ish minutes, with walking and paying very close attention to my perceived exertion. My next "scheduled" run is Sunday at Crystal Cove. I might run a bit tomorrow, but I really need to get a swim in sometime this week.

Today I drove through Santiago Canyon on my way to meet a friend for lunch. I really wanted to be out there, if it was a bit more overcast. I didn't think I'd miss my bike so much. The spin classes aren't the same. I was spoiled by the bikes at Ciell, a new indoor cycling place in Ladera Ranch. If you're near there, I think they're still doing a "first class free" special. But I warn you, you'll be spoiled for all spin bikes.

Also, things no one tells you about being pregnant, increased gag reflex. It takes all my concentration to brush my teeth without tossing my cookies. Which there was a way to fix that.


Glenn Jones said...

When and where at Crystal Cove? I have a 5 mile recovery run I need to get in on Sunday. Maybe I'll be there too.

And the whole gag reflex thing. I remember. My wife couldn't go anywhere without her box of ziplock bags. But - it *is* all worth it. At least until they become teenagers....

AKA Alice said...

I think it's awesome that you're continuing to be active (running, spinning) while preggers! I wish I'd done more of that. I was basically a slug.

Oh yes...there are lots of things about pregnancy that nobody ever tells you...that's for sure. :-)

Al's CL Reviews said...

Is baby bump going to do a tri with you, or are you just keeping in shape?

My friend gagged on the smell of beer and Thai Food. Since we used to meet once a week at the Thai restaurant for beers and Pad Thai, this was an issue.

Yasmin said...

Al, my coach said she'd drop me if I rode my actual bike. I'm happy she didn't drop me for being preggers, but no tri for me.

Doc is wary of me swimming in open water. Especially since I don't know if I've had a Hep A shot. I figure it's better safe then sorry, and I won't get lake itch if I don't go into the lake.