Inflatable Decorations

So I stood silently by when I saw the first blow up Santa on a lawn. The next year there were inflatable sleighs, penguins, even snow globes. I think, seriously people? On what little front yard you have (and driveway) you're gonna blow up this thing? Then there were blow up decorations for Halloween. Hmm, an inflatable biker on a motorcycle with a jack-o-lantern, sure.

What I've seen now has taken the cake. It's an inflatable nativity people! Complete with animals. Although given a choice between the inflatable nativity and the plastic baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph with lights inside, I'd take the inflatable one.

As you might have guessed, a by product of my not running and only walking around the neighborhood is that I have time to notice the decor of my surroundings. And what I've seen kinda scares me.

I do love Christmas decorations, but don't stop by my house there aren't any up, inside or out, but I do draw the line at inflatable devices. Especially when there is no room to put them out on the lawn, so you put them on your roof. Not one or two, but three. Maybe more.

I'm really not a bah humbug, but sometimes I wonder why tact goes out the window during Dec.


Viv said...

I am not much for the huge carnival looking displays. That is just me though. We put out all our stuff on Sat. all indoors, I do not venture the outside decorating arena.

Tammy said...

Call me a snob- I love Christmas lights, but I prefer a nice, tasteful display... I don't care for the big inflatable stuff, either and I have a big yard!

Glad you're getting out there and walking, sometimes it can be a nice change of pace.

Yasmin said...

At least it's not just me, Viv and Tammy. I LOVE lights. There are some very pretty displays in the neighborhood, but they just get over shadowed by the tacky ones.