No, it's not twice the scantily clad men in the 300, it's the amount of calories I burn, on average, when I work out with my trainer.

I love her. Jen knows how to push me and keep me motivated without making me feel like a big loser when I can't go the weight she picks out, etc.

We worked on my outer thighs today. She's trying to get my muscles stronger so we can kick the ITBS stuff to the curb once and for all. With her, my orthotics and resting until the new year, well almost the new year, I think we can conquer it.

The orthotics maker guy thinks that the severe overpronation of my right foot, due to an errant slide tackle in high school, she went after my ankle, not so much the ball, as well as over training may have contributed to the ITBS. It throws everything out of alignment.

So I have something to look forward to after Thanksgiving. I get to pick up my orthotics and get fitted with new running shoes. Then I only have a few more weeks to go before I can start 2 miles again. My goal is to get up and running a 5K by Superbowl Sunday. Although it really sucks not to be able to run, but I'm keeping my eye on the prize. I'm also not allowing myself to gain weight because my favorite form of exercise was taken away from me.

Man, I really have nothing to say when I'm not running!

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Viv said...

Sure, u have plenty to say when your not running.

Seriously, thinking I may need to adjust something in my left shoe. That leg continues to be my main source of running crash & burn.

Awesome calorie burning too!! Keep kickin booty Yas!