Dinosaur Dash 2007

The Dinosaur Dash is a 2K, 5K, 10K race that raises money for the Tustin school district. I knew about it for a couple of months, but when I realized one of my friends I met at my WW meeting teaches for the Tustin school district, did I decide to sign up.

After recovering from the shock that the Dino Dash was on Sunday, not Saturday, I did pretty well on this 5K. I mean, 36:07 with walking 1/4-1/2 that last mile, amazing to me.

My lungs attacked first. Before I got through mile 1 I had to whip out my inhaler and take some puffs. Just because the air doesn't smell smokey I guess it still wasn't good for asthmatics. Especially asthmatics who decide to do a 5K at 8:45 in the morning, just 2 weeks after fires burnt near the race track.

I was not prepared for running up the freeway overpass, twice. So I walked up it when my ITBS decided to make it's presence known. Shortly after mile 2 my ITBS came to stay. I walked most of the last mile. However I am vain. When I turned the corner and saw the street lined with people coming to the finish line, 1/4 to 1/8 of a mile at the most, I ran. I couldn't bend my right knee so much, but I still ran. Had a little hitch in my giddy-up though.

This race was bittersweet. I finished, and in my shortest time yet, but I realize that 3 weeks wasn't enough rest for my ITBS problem. I already have my outfit for my Thanksgiving Day 5K, so I'll see if I can run the first 2 miles of that, completely flat, course. After that I'm swearing off running, for at least 6 weeks. I want to be ready to run a 5K in Huntington Beach with another WW meeting friend.

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Viv said...

Yas, super fantastic time!! I am so sorry the ITBS is giving you a hard time again. I was trying to hold out till my Thanksgiving 5miler, but I got sidelined now. Oh well, I hope it all works out for you. I would love to run in Huntington Beach!! Tell me all about the surfers..LOL!