Get Over Yourself, Chickie

This is what my friend Viv told me as I was lamenting over my first group training with TriDivas.

Guess what, I did and it was fun. I don't train like that. Well, I guess I don't really "train". I follow a training program, but it's just mileage. Run 4 miles Monday, 2 Tuesday, etc.

Today I ran at a lap at a conversational pace, then two at an aerobic pace, then my fastest mile (possibly ever) 10:05 or 10:15, I know it had a 5, and sprinted up the straights and walked the curves twice, then ran 2 more aerobic laps and cooled down, stretched and left.

There was a brief intro into the training and how it would be structured. At the end there was a Q&A that reminded me I should eat something when I got home, not just go to bed.

I wasn't in the front of the pack but I wasn't in the back, either. I think I was in the middle, although no one really ran close to my pace and the faster runners were too fast for me to keep up. I'll have to work on that.

All in all it was awesome. I don't think I'd have the gumption to train interval type stuff on my own. Also, I did get chided on my form for being one of the "runners" in the group. But I knew that would be coming. My form isn't the best. I need to work on controlling my arms.

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Viv said...

That's awesome Yas! I really need to incoparate track work as well. Maybe one day when I grow up. Hella bad on that 10 min mile!!!
I hope you meet other peeps, that are your pace. Looking forward to all your training.