Just Like Riding a Bike

I rode an actual bike for the first time in about 3 years today. I figured if it was going to be part of the trilogy of activities I'm going to do to complete the triathlon, I should make sure I didn't have to relearn it.
They are right, it did all come back. I didn't fall once. I did have my helmet on, though. Just in case. I rode around my neighborhood. I didn't want to get too far away from home in case I got a flat, or the chain busted due to lack of use.

It was uneventful, except when I decided to leave the neighborhood. This is done via a very large hill. You go down the hill to get to the main road. You have to pump your legs to get yourself up that very same hill. I think I stopped twice in that little more than an eight of a mile.
Swimming is all I have left to try. That's our work out on Sunday. I'm going to get in a bathing suit for the first time in 40 lbs. Well, not the first time, maybe the second time. I hadn't gone swimsuit shopping in 40 lbs. It was a stressful experience, but I found something that could be used as a training suit. It's not one that I'd just wear to hang out at the pool or beach in, but it's functional.
Oh, and I have 6 miles on tap for Saturday.
Wish me luck!


Viv said...

Yea, for getting out on the bike. It does feel great, brings back the childhood bike riding memories! Training suits by TYR, or anyone of those peeps are best since they are cut just right they support everything. Have fun with the swim today. Let me know how it went.

Carly said...

WTG dusting off the bike! I am impressed with the tri training. That is one thing I don't know if I could ever do.