Running Skirts

I'm in love with them and I thinking I finally figured out why. It's the reverse uniboob.

I like the fact that there is something draped over my ample butt, as to not define each large, jiggly cheek, but one mass. I also love the built in compression shorts.

I attempted to buy shorts last week, but I came home with a Nike skirt that was on clearance. This week I will attempt to buy a pair of shorts, wish me luck.

On to the running. I did my 5 miler today, after the raging party that was my friend Leia's bachelorette party. It was rough, but I made it through. The splits show how rough it was and this was run 8 hours after I woke up. But I did it, and that's what counts.

Mile 1: 11:17
Mile 2: 11:38
Mile 3: 12:00
Mile 4: 12:14
Mile 5: 12:11
Some sort of heartburn/indigestion thing hit me and every lap, about every 1.5 miles, I came in for a pit stop (stopped on my measley porch to drink some water). The water seemed to help a bit, but it was only when I was eating my thin crust veggie pizza that it completely went away.
Thoughts? I'm wondering if it was because of an evening of bar hopping or if I just didn't rest enough on Saturday.


Delane said...

I Love Love Love running skirts. I like NB more than Nike b/c they run a little longer. Those tennis peeps have been up to something for somtime. Why did take the running forum this long to make skirts?

Viv said...

I have not tried the skirts. I have to give them a try. About the hearburn no idea. Nice job on getting out for 5 after a long night.