Things I realized today

Uncle Hal had 3.5 planned for me today. I decided to run around the lake. It's not really around the lake, but running on the sidewalk outside of the lake. Here are things I realized today:

1. Sometimes you can be prepared for the wrong thing.
2. I can run without an iPod.
3. My Garmin calculates calories burned without my chest strap.

1. I packed a bag for after my dentist appointment. The dentist is right by the vet, so my thought was, I'll get my tooth fixed and see if Ash is ready. If she is, I'll run at home, if she isn't, I'll run around the lake. She wasn't ready so the lake it was. I forgot about the hills. Basically, I started at the top of the hill and ran down, around and back up. I usually walk this every Saturday with the dogs. It didn't prepare me for running it. Luckily my gym was about 1/2 way around the route, so I was able to get some water and continue. I think that saved the run.

Your run was good, you say. How did you prepare for the wrong thing? One word, weather. Two days ago it was cold and rainy, today it was about 75 degrees. Seriously? I wouldn't have brought pants, black pants at that, if I thought it was going to be in the 70s. It's February! I guess that's Southern California for ya.

2. I brought lil' (Red) with me, but not my headphones. I only like one set of headphones and I switch them between the my shuffles. That bit me when I dug through my bad today and found my shuffle, with no headphones. Eh, I guess I had to try it sometime.

3. So I put the wrong chest strap in my bag. Guess I wasn't really that prepared. But my Garmin still read calories burned. I'm guess it calculated them just based on my personal information, I wonder what my heart rate really read. I felt like my level of effort was maxed out. My splits are below.

Mile 1: 10:33

Mile 2: 12:10

Mile 3: 11:54

Mile 3.5: 6:09

Mile 1 was pretty much all down hill. Mile 2 I thought I was going to die. Miles 3 and 3.5 I just wanted it to be over. I felt really good about it when it was.

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Viv said...

Super sweet 3.5. Yea I noticed the Garmin calculates the cals even while we don't have the chest strap. Maybe it remembers us, weird technology.