Reverse Brick, sort of

So I'm thinking about doing a triathlon. I did see signs for a local duathlon on my way into work this morning. But neither of those things were what spurred me on to do 3.44 miles on the treadmill and another 7.78 miles on the stationary bike.

Now before you get all impressed, or start yelling that I cheat, I know the miles that the machines display are not really accurate. I didn't really care about where I ended up, I just wanted to make my 8.5 miles for this 250 miles in Feb challenge. I know all I'm going to get is a stupid t-shirt or water bottle, but hey it's junk for free...

I know I wasn't running or biking outside, and that I really have no form and probably use more energy than I need swimming, but my little jaunt at the gym made me think that I might actually be able to do a Sprint.

The only concern I have would be training for a Tri whilst training for a marathon. I mean, I'm no Ironman, nor would I want to be, I can put up with biking and swiming short distances, but running is where I'm at right now, so would the Tri training help or hurt my marathon training?
Would marathon training hurt my Tri performance?

Of course I haven't really started any marathon training, but I'm going to. Really I am.
Maybe this weekend.
Well, Monday for sure.

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Viv said...

Well I am training for a 1/2 and the tri. So I will see how it goes. I know that the time involved is a plenty. I am doing 3X balanced since I can do 2 a days twice a week. The swimming is what suffers so I have to rework to + 1 more swim. WTG with getting closer to your Feb mileage goal. Bricks those are going to stink. They add them in on taper week so not to kill ur legs.