4 miles on the Dreadmill

It sounds like the title to a bad country song...

Sunday was busy. Most of it was Yasmin made busy as I put off buying a shower gift until the last minute, then realized my Bed, Bath and Beyond was too small to have most of the stuff on the bride's list so then I put it off to the VERY last minute, meaning I stopped by a bigger BB&B on my way to the shower. Seriously I did. Where did my planning go?

Anyway, my day was supposed to be this:
6:30-7 am: wake up
7-7:30 am: get ready for meeting, drug cat, let dogs out
7:30-8:30 am: WI and stay for coolest leader ever's meeting
8:30-9 am: get ready to run
9-10 am: run, stretch
10-11 am: eat, shower, leave to get shower present
11-11:30 am: buy present
11:45 am: meet Becki in LB and go to shower in the Valley
11:45-1 pm: drive to Valley
1-3 pm: shower

Um, this didn't exactly happen. I skipped the run in the morning. It was raining and I stayed after the meeting to talk to the coolest leader ever. I stayed a bit too long. The more I thought about it, the more stressed I became, so I skipped it. I even skipped the shower, as I had taken one the night before and didn't do anything to make myself stinky...

I did, however, make a gym bag so I could stop by the gym after the shower and before I headed home.

Bed, Bath and Beyond was a nightmare. I only found 1 thing on her list and the other one I wanted they had to search the store for 15-20 minutes before they found it. They offer free gift wrap, but that was going to be another 15 minutes and I was already thinking I was going to be late picking up Becki, so I declined and went to World Market (Cost Plus) next door and bought a pretty bag, I already had tissue paper in my car.

I met up with Becki, got gas and some food, because all I had was a sample size luna bar when I thought I was going to run, and I never made myself breakfast. I tumped the banana and milk whilst driving to the valley. This is about a 1:45-2 hour trip, 1 way, from my house.

We arrive at the shower location 10 minutes early, which isn't bad as we were thinking with the weather and traffic on the 405, we'd be late. But don't worry, other people were. People were still showing up 30 minutes later. This kills me because I'm thinking, the shower should be 2 hours, I might be able to get home in time to run outside. I didn't.

We played games, the toliet paper dress being my personal favorite and really the only game needed. We opened presents. We ate. There was an actual red velvet cake there, I was not impressed at all. But the mini cupcakes and the chocolate cake pulled their weight in yumminess.
We didn't leave until a bit after 4. I didn't get to the gym and on the treadmill until 6pm. I stopped every mile to drink some water, as I didn't want to face plant on the treadmill and end up in the row of elipticals behind me. Running on a relatively full stomach isn't fun.

But I did it, and I was happier for it. I even remembered to stretch when I got home.

Jeremy and I rounded out the night by watching some Pac-10 basketball and Drowning Mona, which is one of the funniest movies ever. I mean, where did they get all those Yugos?

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