And So It Begins

As mentioned in my last entry, I've started my marathon training. Well, my 1/2 marathon training to be totally honest. Monday was 3 miles, Wednesday was 2 miles and today was 3 miles OUTSIDE!!!

You heard it peeps, I actually ran outside in what feels like forever, but was probably only 3 - 5 days. It was also the coldest day in the last 3-5 days. Could I run outside when it was a nice pleasant 75 degrees? No, only when it was 53 degrees. However, it wasn't raining or snowing and there was no ice to be seen outside of my freezer. I won't complain anymore.

I figure I can extend my training to a full near the end of the year, if I really want to. It also depends on whether or not I get into the full Nike Womens' Marathon. Oh and whether or not I actually get off my duff and plan a trip to Australia. Just a couple small details.

Ash is keeping me company right now. She can roam around the house for a limited amount of time. DH wasn't feeling great today, so he's already in bed. The dogs put themselves to bed and Cookie, the other cat, is hiding in the bedroom to avoid the sick cat. So here I am, trying to keep a cat from jumping on the furniture, which is almost an impossible task unless the cat has a whole body sock of bandages on her. I guess I have luck on my side.

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Viv said...

Nice to hear Ash, is jumping around.
Good luck with the 1/2 training. It is exciting!! I heard the Nike Marathon is an awesome event.