250 miles in February

My gym introduced a challenge for this month, 250 cardio miles in the month of February. I signed up and I'm already behind.

Let's do the math, 250 miles/29 days ~8.5 miles a day.

hmm... I only run ~3 miles, how to get all those miles done? Enter the bike. I used a stationary bike yesterday and "rode" 13.5 miles.

Let's add that to the 3.5 miles I ran/walked (trying to find the food and the shuttles) on Sunday, the 1.7 miles walked on Saturday, the 1.6 miles I ran on Friday after my session with my Trainer and 0 miles done today.

We have a grand total of 20.3 miles. I should be at 42.5 miles. Hmm... I think I will be getting most of my miles in on the weekend with a run, walk the dogs, bike combo.

The good news? Apparently there are prizes. The bad news? The fire dept works out at my gym (no they've never been there while I've been working out) and some of them are in the challenge.

I don't really think I'm going to win, but it's a commitment that will keep me going to the gym.

PS: my hooha hurts from the bike.

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Viv said...

Sounds like a fun challenge. Who knows you might be one of the few tough ones to pull through.