Grr... Argh

I had 3 miles on my schedule today. I didn't make it.

I thought I had a meeting with some peeps at 5:30 today. I, however, didn't send a confirmation e-mail with a time and my peeps were busy. By the time I realized this, I had already worked late and I wasn't going to make it home in time to run outside. The gym held no appeal. I could feel my IT band. So I did nothing.

I think the weekend full of driving irrated my IT band. 3 hours up to Stockton, 6 hours total in the car on Saturday. 2 hours of Driving on Sunday and 6 hours of car riding on Monday. I don't think it liked the position I put it in.

I have 2 on tap for tomorrow. If I feel good enough after the scheduled 2 I might go the extra mile, literally.

I think I'm really paranoid about getting hurt again. I may be overly worried, but that's me.


Running Knitter said...

Always better to be safe than sorry. Just take it easy, and I'm sure you'll be back into the groove before you know it.

Viv said...

If you didn't feel it go with it. You are still doing great.