The Blame Game

I've decided I'm done. Done with work. Done with the establishment. Done with excuses.

I haven't been able to run in 2 days, well really 3 and it's really my fault, but I'm going to pass the blame around.

Who brings someone into help but doesn't do all the necessary paperwork to make sure this person can work? Apparently my business unit's shop manager. I'm not going to belabor this issue. I've done it enough at work, on the phone to my RLBF, at home to my husband, and online to my invisapeeps. Today I passed all the bad stuff back on to him so he can figure out how to make it work (I do like Tim Gunn). I really feel bad for the person they brought in to help us as she's did nothing for us today. She did have stuff for her own site to do, so she was able to keep busy, but I know it really sucks.

So I've been stressed because of this work issue and, since she doesn't drive here, I play taxi in the afternoon. Whoo hoo!!!

Just so you know, TG, this is for you and anyone else who moved recently, if you don't change your address with the actual DMV, they won't forward your mail. Then you too can be driving around with an expired license and not know it. After all, who actually looks at those things on their license?

I found out whilst trying to get a loaner car to drive home from my car service place. I could not/did not believe it. The DMV doesn't forward their mail, just so you can learn from my mistake. I did show up to the DMV 30 minutes before it opened and was out of there after paying my renewal fee (my weight is now 123, if you wanted to know) and taking a new picture, 15 minutes after they opened. I have decided I love the DMV now. Really I do. If you had heard the story of the last time I was at the DMV, to get a license after we got married, you'd know what a statement this is.

On to me. I could have run today, but I was exhausted. I could have run yesterday, but I convinced myself the sick hubby needed me to be home. He slept pretty much the whole time I was awake at home. I could have run. I just chose to stay home.

So I'm done, for now. I'm done blaming everyone else for "holding me back". Well, everyone except the production manager that really threw a wrench in my plans. Really I need to get back to the place I was at when I made time for running.

Yeah, that was last week, Tuesday. I need to find my way back to March 11th.

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Viv said...

Get out there soon Yas. Great weight, you are doing fantastic!