Thwarted 1000 or How Yas Found Out She's Not Completely Screwed

On Monday I went to the gym to attempt a 1000 yard swim workout. I get there and there's this lady putzing around the pool. Checking things, going into a storage room I'd never noticed before. Bringing out a garbage can full of something.

Shit! On the way over I thought to myself, "Self, I hope your swim isn't going to be interrupted by an aquarobics class." But it was. Although these people were super nice and didn't try and kick me out 15 minutes before the class began. They would have been in for a fight.

While I was doing my 100 yd warm up I talked to the instructor to find out when the class started. I had about 15 minutes to get some sort of workout in. This is when my warm up turned into a timed 500.

I finished in 13:02. This included the slow 100 yd warm up AND about 5-10 seconds of talking to the instructor to assess my pool situation. 13:02! It was probably closer to 12:55.

While this might be slow to some of you all, this makes me super happy. My form didn't all go to crap. My endurance, for at least 500 yds, wasn't gone. I was a bit tired, but not exhausted and I wasn't dragging the last few laps.

Now just to get back to 1 mile and sign up for the OC International...

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