Run, then Swim

On Saturday I ran my first 5K since the 1/2 marathon. It wasn't super quick. It was in my Vibrams. It was on hills. I'm pretty sure I have the Vibrams and hills to blame for the fact that my calves only started to calm down on Wednesday.

The run was ~40 min (I forgot my watch and only had a clock and my memory to rely on). I ran around Lake Mission Viejo, the easy way. A few minutes after I started a fellow runner came up and jogged with me. He wanted to know all about my Vibrams and how I liked them, etc. Since I'm fairly new to these shoes, I gave him my honest opinion with the caveat that I'd only worn them a handful of times.

He ran with me about 1/2 way around the lake. It was nice to have someone to chat with on my route. This is one thing I like about the running community, in general, I've found runners to be some of the friendliest and most helpful people. We talked about races we were training (or trying to train) for, hydration issues, fuel issues, why we run, etc. It was a fun time all around and I only walked once, on the hill from Vista del Lago. It was a planned walk. That hill kicked my ass before I took time off and it still does now.

On Tuesday I found myself with some unplanned downtime so I headed to the gym to do a swim workout. I devised a pyramid workout:

100 yd warm up
200 yd skills and drills,
4x 25 yd RI: 10 sec
2x50 yd RI:15 sec
2x100yd RI:20 sec
2x50 yd RI:15 sec
4x25 RI:10 sec
100 yd cool down

Here's the note I got:

Dear Yas,
I can still pull out a 1000 yd workout with sprints in less than 40 min. I still feel good. Challenge me next time, why don't ya.

Your lungs and muscles

Duly noted body. I will find a harder workout for you next time we hit the pool.

Tonight is spin. I'm getting back into a work out groove, little by little...


Autumn said...

I love getting the "Challenge me next time, why don't ya" messages, but it's been a while since I've had one. If only you could pass on some of your grooviness to me.

Al's CL Reviews said...

I like your note!