I realized on Friday that I really need to have a training log. Whether I actually keep this site up to date, or I write it down, you know, on actual paper in an actual book, I need something.

I decided to do another timed 500 swim Friday night. 13 minutes even. But is this faster or slower than my last timed 500? I checked this blog, and I couldn't find anything. I know I didn't write anything down. So I went to my last resort, Facebook.

I knew I'd posted the time somewhere, that mini-blog was my last resort. Amazingly enough, I found it. Posted on January 17th, 13:02. So I was faster, but not by much.

The thing about a training log, I can't compare apples to apples. Did I do 200 yard warm up before both time trials? I don't know. Would that extra 200 yards (or less) have made a difference in my time, maybe. Tired arms are tired arms. But I'll take the faster time at face value and let it motivate me to push harder.

Now on to running.

Ran 5 miles in under an hour on Saturday. (59 minutes and change) Started at Peter's Canyon and ran down Jamboree about 2.5 miles, then back up. This path has a slight slope and, of course, we ran down the first half. I was wearing my Vibrams and my calves are still talking to me today. I'm not sure if this is poor stretching after, poor nutrition, and/or not enough running in the Vibrams, but I'm thinking I need to get "normal" running shoes for Ragnar. I don't think I'll be able to suit up and run all my legs of the race with calves that feel like these.

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