I wasn't planning a run today. I was planning a swim. I really should have gotten one of those in, but that's a different story.

But running brings my sanity. Brings me balance, brings me peace. And if there was a week I needed balance and peace anymore than this one... well, it hasn't been for a long time.

In between my Anatomy & Physiology lab and lecture, I ran home to get lunch, and decided to run. It was only 3 miles (all under 11:30, BTW) but it was a little of what I needed.

If you don't run, I can't explain to you, convince you, that running can bring me peace, can bring me balance, can help me find my sanity. But it can. I can lose myself in my music, in the cadence I feel in my steps. In the commands I give my muscles. Just me, the outside, and the forces I apply/are applied on me.

I am stronger for it. And this is it. One of the things that is going my way. One of the blessings I will be counting everyday until there are too many to recite. I have (mostly) injury free running. I can take this with me anywhere, everywhere.

I can create my own peace, if only for a few miles.