I ran 7 injury free miles Saturday. I even had a couple sub 12 minute miles there near the end. I was pleasantly surprised. I ran with a couple of friends, who are faster than me of course, and I managed to keep them in sight for most of the run.

Today I was able to squeeze in a "quick" 3 miles in between classes. Fueled by my fast miles on Saturday, I was determined to see how fast I could run (my own version of speed work). I was rewarded on mile 1 with a 10:04 pace, but it went downhill from there.

I run on this ~1.8 mile loop around my neighborhood. About 1 mile of it is flat, the .8 is hilly. So I was able to keep ~10 min/mile pace for that first minute, which was almost all flat. I paid for it on the next mile, which dropped to a 12 minute mile. Even with the hills, this is not a reflection of my smart running. It's a reflection of my lack of impulse control. I KNEW that I wasn't able to keep a 10 min/mile pace over 3 miles with HILLS. But I decided to try anyway.

My last mile was an 11:20. I probably could have kept an 11 minute pace for all 3 miles if I didn't decide to try and kill myself in the heat.

Better planning is needed in the future.

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Al's CL Reviews said...

I always start out fast. No matter what I tell myself