Quitting Thoughts

This is a pseudo DOR for me. I did have a swim lesson this morning, but I'm not counting it as I usually call swimming days DORs. I do need to do my yoga DVD tonight, for more flexibility.

Sunday my quitting thoughts were no where to be found on Santiago Canyon. In fact, I think I made that ride my bitch, if you really want to know. Well, maybe I didn't, but it was tons better than the first time I rode it.

This got me thinking about quitting thoughts. Why do I have them and why do they have so much power over me? They change my mood from being happy to be out running/cycling/swimming to wanting to give up, go home, watch some more bad television and eating something salty, preferably fried.

I haven't solved this question. I've just started to get better at ignoring those thoughts. Maybe I'm enjoying the pain more. Which is another thing. The first time I rode Santiago I realized why I haven't been making huge strides in any of my training, I don't like to push myself.

I don't think I've ever REALLY liked to push myself, who does? Running so fast that you feel like you're going to puke. Swimming so hard that you're huffing and puffing at the end of a lap, riding to the point where your legs are on fire, then riding some more. Who does any of that for fun?

I do. Well, I will from now on. Coach Martha also mentioned it Wednesday at the beach. She said Divas had been telling her that they don't feel good after their training, but they've been doing better than they ever had. You know what she said? Good. So what if you feel bad (note this is feel bad not feel hurt like you pulled or tore or HURT anything) after training. That means you're working.

So all quitting thoughts will be banished from hence forth. Breathing (not wheezing) so hard I want to puke? Bring it. Legs or arms on fire? I love it.

Well I will, in the very near future. You see, my lovelies, this week is recovery week on my schedule. I got nothing but easy for 6 days.


AKA Alice said...

I love recovery week (this week for me too!), but by the end of it, I usually have the itch for a good, long, run...

I don't know where those quitting thoughts come from, but I think we all have them. I wish I could shove mine in a closet and lose the key!

Amy said...

Go Yas!

Viv said...

Quiting thoughts have been over me and bringing me down seriously. I will discuss on the blog later this week. Anyhwho, glad you are not quitting but push harder. Enjoy the recovery week....