Tendonitis and Chocolate Milk

So my shoulder pain came back. I'm not sure I mentioned it before, but 6-8 weeks ago I had a pain in my right shoulder. My chiropractor/physical therapist told me stretch and work on my traps. I did and the pain went away. I stopped working on my traps and now it's back.

I went to a MD on Tuesday. He diagnosed the tendonitis and told me to do yoga. When I told him I was a runner/triathlete he told me to keep doing yoga. Interesting prescription.

What this means is no swimming until either A) my shoulder stops hurting or B) 9/7 the date of the Pacific Coast Triathlon. I paid my money and I'm racing it, even if I'm slow.

Wednesday was a breakthrough cycling workout for me. We did hill repeats on El Toro Trail. Two Sundays ago I got up the hill in record speed for me. This was after a 25ish mile ride on Santiago Canyon. I chalked it up to weirdness.

Wednesday my warm up lap was about 10:30, WTF? The next one was about 9:35 thanks to Martha chasing a fellow diva up the hill. I didn't want them to pass me, so I got the benefit of Martha's yelling, too. Passes 3 and 4 hovered around 10:09-1o:20! The last one was cut short due to darkness and me needing to ride my butt back home before it got pitch black.

I'm very impressed with my badassness. The Triathlon Goddess heard my rant about my swim and chose to show me my improvement on the bike. Well, really I was able to track my progress via my training log and my garmin. I love it when I can see progress.

Due to a few fellow bloggers asking about nutrition, I've decided to take one for the team. I will be using chocolate milk as my recovery drink of choice for the next month. I'll report back on my findings. I usually use Luna's recovery drink and have tried Hammer's Recoverite, which worked for me.

I just need to remember the chocolate milk is for recovery, not dessert. Tonight I drank 1 8 oz container for recovery and another one for dessert. At this rate, I'll have to buy a chocolate cow to make this affordable.


Viv said...

Sorry about the shoulder pain. Hopefully it will get betters soon for you.

I got a great email for my tri sis who used to be plus 40 lbs and a WW leader in addition to a super speedy triathlete. She gave me some great advice if wanted let me know.

AKA Alice said...

Ooohhh, keep us posted about how the choc-milk works. I hear it's a wonder but I've never tried it. After a long run, the thought of milk makes me want to puke...but if it works...

Hope said...

Ooooooh a chocolate cow. I'd so buy one of those.

Robin said...

If I bought a chocolate cow, I'd eat it rather than drink its milk. And now I'm dreaming of chocolate the size of a cow. *sigh*

Glad you're getting to see your bike progress. Hope your shoulder feels better soon!