Track Workout

Today was my second track workout. I think it went well.

I realize now I need a new goal. For the longest time, ever since I started running really, I've dreamed of the 10 minute mile. I've been flirting with it for a while now, not really wanting to acknowledge my 5K times.

Then came running in the heat and on hills. This brought a drop in pace which re-enforced my notion that I wasn't a 10 minute mile person.

Well I was wrong. I'm not saying I can hold a 10 min/mile over a half marathon, but I'm definitely closer to a 9 minute mile (fastest track mile was 9:31ish) than I thought.

So I have to pick a new goal now. Will I go with the obvious 9 min/mile? Or think ahead to an 8:30 min/mile.

If you know me at all, the answer jumps out at you. The 8:30 of course. Why do anything the easy way?


AKA Alice said...

Yeah, I am able to do about a 9:30 minute mile on the track, but I've come no where near it on a longer road-race. I'm sure it's a combination of heat, hills, uneven running surfaces (thank you Del Mar Racetrack) that contribute to this, but I don't seem to be speeding up on longer runs/races.

If any of this were easy, it wouldn't be any fun, right?

Yasmin said...

What? You didn't love running on the mud/lint combo?

9:30ish will be my next 5K goal. Anything over that ain't pretty.

Kelly said...

Yeah Yaz on the mile pace! That is awesome! Go for the 9 next so you have a place to go after THAT!