Something I've Never Done Before

I swam at the lake for an hour straight. Let me repeat that. I SWAM AT THE LAKE FOR AN HOUR STRAIGHT.

I've never done that before. I mean, I've been in a pool for an hour or more, but usually there are rests in between the intervals. 25 yds (meters) with 10 seconds rest. 50 with 15 seconds, etc.

Coach Martha says it's for mental training. You'll be out there swimming from buoy to buoy and it's boring. Not really much to look at, no time to look at it anyway.

However I didn't find it boring, well not very boring. I took the time and focused on my technique. Am I pushing the water behind me? Did I flick my wrist at the end of the stroke? Am I going in the right direction? How many laps was that? (I don't know, I stopped counting)

It wasn't as bad as running without music. Now that is something I'm STILL trying to teach myself.

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