A Bit Premature

The Triathlon and Running Goddesses have a way of bringing you back to reality.

No you are not the stud of the endurance sports world that you thought you were. You're just an under prepared, overweight, short poser. (Okay, I don't really believe any of that, but I'm trying to drum up sympathy here)

I went for the 6.2 ish (really more like 8ish miles with the warm up) run lead by the OC Tri Club. The route was Mission Viejo International's run course. I am soo glad I'm not doing that race.

It goes from easyish (Lake Mission Viejo swim), to challenging (Santiago Canyon ride), to OMGWTFBBQ run. There is one street that I pretty much walked up because running up it was probably slower. Also the path takes you across all kinds of terrain. Yes I mean it. There is pavement, cement, bark, grass, hay type stuff and dirt. Not that any of this is bad, but it adds a certain element that I would be happy to avoid.

Somewhere between these terrain transitions I must have jammed my ankle, which ended up aggravating my IT band. (this is my chiropractor's theory anyway)

As I said before, the Triathlon and Running Goddesses have a way of telling us mortals to back off. So I'm taking my poll down and will be choosing the Bum plan.

So I'm not the stud of the endurance sports world, I'm okay with that. I know if I just listen to my body, I'll live to run another race.

Thanks Goddesses.


Tammy said...

Awww, Yas, I hate it when that kind of workout happens.

It happened a couple of weeks ago for me, running 10 miles with my BFF in the south. I will never complain about my wimpy little hills again!

Viv said...

I hope the IT band chills out for you. It is not the Bum plan but the brilliant plan for you...you can slap me now

AKA Alice said...

I was in pain just reading your description, but we know how I feel about running on trails.