I am asking blogland for opinions, but we'll get to that later.

Friday was a 4 mile run. Although I was hoping to keep a 10:30 pace, I was mandated, by the all knowing training plan, to keep in the 70% HR zone. My pace ended up around an 11 pace.

Today I got up around 6:15 am (45 minutes later than planned), fed myself, the dogs, loaded the car and headed out to Bonelli Park in San Dimas to ride the bike course, well a 3rd of the bike course as it's a 3 loop course).

At 8am-ish I'm parked with bike assembled and ready to roll. I pulled up the course map on my iPhone, stashed the phone in my Bento Box and started riding. The loop is only 8 miles, hence the 3 loops to make the 24 mile bike route.

I'm not sure what I'd have done without my iPhone, except print out the course map and refer to it at every intersection instead, to keep me on course. The ride was a bit challenging, but it was no Santiago Canyon. There is a pretty steep hill that could cause problems. Not getting-off-my-bike-to-walk-it, problems but I could burn out my legs if I try to sprint up it.

My biggest problem with the course was the road itself. It wasn't well paved. I got a lot more, um, action you could call it, in the saddle today than I do on Santiago or anywhere else. It's very bumpy, but I now I know I can do this Olympic course.

Now here's where you all come in. I've become a race whore. I want to do as many races as possible. Below are 2 possible race schedules, I'd like you all to vote for on of them. Yes, I know it might look crazy, but these are my possible plans for the next couple months.

Plan A(ggresive):
9/7 - Pacific Coast Sprint Tri
9/13 - Malibu Olympic Tri (I don't think there will be any celebs at the Oly, other than the elites)
9/27 - See Jane Tri (relay run leg)
10/5 - Playa del Rey (USC vs UCLA) Sprint Tri (Fight On!)
10/19 - Subaru Sprint Tri

Plan B(um):
9/7 - Pacific Coast Sprint Tri
9/27 - See Jane Tri - relay run leg
10/5 - Bonelli Olympic Tri
10/19 - Subaru Sprint Tri


Starunner said...

I think you should do A.
And I sent you a friend request on Facebook. At least, I think it was you.

AKA Alice said...

I know YOU want to do A...but I think both plans will keep you crazy-busy.

You asked me about how I calibrated my Nike+. There's a calibration function on my Nano. I set it to run 1/2 mile, then I did my running on a treadmill, because then, I figured I had a very steady pace. I ran a 1/2 mile at 5.5 mph (a little faster than an 11 min mile).

I'm not sure it'll transfer to running outdoors. I'll let you know after tomorrow.

Lori said...

I'm not a runner, so my opinion doesn't really count. But, looking at A my thought is -

Is 6 days enough time to recover from one event to the next?

If it is then go for A. It sounds like that's what you want to do.

Why is it you & Star are both on Facebook & I can't find you? I'm getting my feelings hurt here people, I want a friend request!

Viv said...

I was always type A till Coach forced me to be more B. I just hope you make the right choice for you and your body...